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Natural Aquarium Bonito (Aquário Natural Bonito)

Tour Details

Located in the Baía Bonita ecological reserve in Bonito, the Bonito Natural Aquarium is a water park that allows you to float in the crystal-clear, fish-filled pool.

In all, there are more than 1000 meters of distance between the ciliary forest and the flotation in the Natural Aquarium in Bonito, until reaching Formosinho and Rio Formoso, where there is a stop for zip-lining.

Visitors not only contemplate nature during the hike on the 500-meter trail, but also the colorful underwater fauna and flora that enchant even those who are a little averse to adventure in the woods.

The float trip through the Bonito Natural Aquarium can be taken all year round, even in winter, since the temperature of the spring averages 24°C.

Because it is a calm environment, with a support boat and tour guide, the Natural Aquarium is free for all ages, but flotation is only allowed for those above 5 years old.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? How does the float trip to the Bonito Natural Aquarium on the Baía Bonita River take place?

As in every tour where the presence of a tour guide is required, visitors must correctly follow the guidelines and participate in the training to enjoy the flotation in the Bonito/MS Natural Aquarium in the Baía Bonita River.

After handing in your voucher at the reception, be on the lookout for guidelines about divided groups of up to 9 people, as well as departure times and more information.

The guide then distributes the equipment, such as mask, snorkel, wetsuit, and shoes, and the group can store their belongings in locked lockers and change in the changing rooms.

Once everyone is equipped, it's time to listen carefully to the guide that reviews basic rules for floating in Bonito/MS rivers and head to the pool.

After leaving the pool, the group uses a shower and takes a 10 to 20-minute walk through the riparian forest to the source of the Baía Bonita River, where the flotation tour in the Natural Aquarium in Bonito/MS begins.

Besides the guide accompanying the group during the whole trip, there is also a paddler with a support boat. Inclusive, the family that takes children under 5 years old can stay in this boat during the fluctuation.

At the end of the tour, there may be a game of animal trail and/or zip line. Lunch happens before or after the flotation, depending on the departure time of each group.

? Is the Bonito Natural Aquarium floatation a good experience for children, the elderly and pregnant women?

Children over the age of 5 can safely float, as long as they follow the rules of the tour and use the correct equipment, such as a life jacket.

Following safety protocols, the next step is pure fun. The Bonito/MS Natural Aquarium floatation enchants children as they dive among colorful fish in the crystal clear water.

The elderly also feel welcome, after all, the activity has a support boat for the entire trip, ensuring greater safety for them. In addition, the better-aged public can still count on a special rate.

For pregnant women, the attraction can be performed until the 6th month of pregnancy in the water, but after this period it is recommended to do the whole ride on the support boat.

How to book/buy the Bonito/MS Natural Aquarium tour?

The Natural Aquarium is a tour with a limit of 135 openings per day, with a group of 9 people per descent. This way, the visitor receives an exclusive service from the Tour Guide.

Because it has limited spaces, booking the Bonito/MS Natural Aquarium tour in advance is of utmost importance, and this is done through an accredited agency, such as here at Roteiro Bonito MS.

Due to municipal law, the voucher cannot be issued directly to the attraction, but rather at accredited agencies.

Tips on Natural Aquarium Bonito

  • It is not necessary to know how to swim to float in the Bonito/MS Natural Aquarium.
  • The visitor should have at least a light level of physical fitness.
  • Repellent and sunscreen should not be used in the water, at the risk of contaminating it.
  • One should also not use chemicals on the skin, such as moisturizers, suntan lotions, and other products.
  • Cancellation of reservation must be made within 48h. After the deadline, the full amount will be charged.
  • Visitors with any health problem should report it when scheduling.
  • Pregnant women can do the float until the 6th month or at the guide's discretion.
  • The maximum weight limit is 140 kg per person to float.
  • Check the weather conditions for your trip, because in case of heavy rain, the Bonito/MS Natural Aquarium tour may be canceled or interrupted, since poor weather conditions can compromise the safety and quality of the services.
  • The summer months are rainier.

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High Season Calendar for the Natural Aquarium Bonito

Admission prices to the Natural Aquarium depend on the season of travel.

In the case of high season (adults and children), the price is R$ 280,00 and R$ 180,00, respectively.

In low season (adults and children), there is a small variation: R$ 230,00 and R$ 150,00.

But if the family brings children up to 7 years old, the price for the little ones is only R$ 15.00 entrance fee in the low season.

Check below when is high season in Bonito/MS before you schedule your next trip:

  • January, July and December: school vacations.
  • February/March: during Carnaval.
  • April: Easter Week / Tiradentes.
  • September: Independence week.
  • October: N. Sra. da Aparecida week and Children's Day.
  • November: Souls Day / Republic Proclamation Week.

Always check the exact dates of those holidays that have no fixed dates, such as Carnival, Easter Week, and also the beginning of school vacations.

Where is it?

The Natural Aquarium is located at Rod. Bonito - Guia Lopes de Laguna, Km 7 S/N, Rural Zone of Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul.

This is a floating tour near the center of Bonito, 7 km from Praça da Liberdade and about 290 km from Campo Grande, the state capital.

You can go by car on your own or hire transportation from the agency of your choice.

The recommendation is to use the agency's transport because besides being safer (good condition of the vehicle and certainty of arriving at the right destination), the price is cheaper (R$ 50,00).

Anyway, the drive from the city center to the Bonito Natural Aquarium is 16 minutes.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!

Sunscreen (only for use in the pool, not on the float).





Light clothing.


Camera and/or underwater camera (if you want to take pictures in the water).



Pay attention to these recommendations

Visiting time: 2h30.

7 km away from the center of Bonito.

Minimum age 5 years for floating.



See the structure that the tour offers



Wheelchair access (includes restrooms).

Baggage Locker.




Locker Room.


Rest area.



Included Items

These items are included

Accompaniment by a guide.

Accident insurance.


Neoprene clothing.

Life vest.


High Season

Adults R$280
Children: R$180

Low Season

Adults: 230
Children: R$150

What they are saying about

Natural Aquarium Bonito (Aquário Natural Bonito)


The most beautiful tour I have done in Bonito! The natural aquarium gives the sensation that you are inside an aquarium. The beginning of the tour, at least. My son didn't want to dive at the time and went with me on a small boat. The floatation continues down the river. There is also a zip line and a part with animals rescued from the road or that were in need of care. I didn't buy the pictures of the tour, so I don't have the pictures of the flotation.

Marcia Teixeiira


Very nice place. Great structure, we were very well assisted. Even though December is not the time when there are many fish due to the piracema, the flotation is very nice. They have a place with wild animals that they take care of, and the kids loved it.

Fabio Keen


Floating tour through crystal clear waters and lots of fish. Accessible to PCD. Nice structure with pool and caipirinhas to end the day.

Valda Marisa

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