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Balneário Ilha Bonita

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It is in the municipality of Bonito that the charming Balneário Ilha Bonita is located, a destination full of beauty and capable of providing unforgettable and unparalleled experiences.

The fame of Bonito, a city located in the beautiful state of Mato Grosso do Sul, has always reached the four corners of Brazil. The city is known for its fresh and crystalline waterfalls, its caves, natural pools, fauna, and flora of unparalleled wealth.

One of the greatest symbols of Balneário Ilha Bonita (Bonito) is the famous ritual of connection between man and nature, where the ringing of a bell brings countless fish of all kinds, colors, and sizes to the surface.

This is because here man's respect for the life of the fish has created a unique partnership: the fish in the bathhouse know that when the bell rings, it is time to eat, and so they gather at the surface.

A show of life that shows how a healthy and harmonious relationship between man and nature can provide incredible moments and memories. Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul: the place where men and fish can be great friends.

Balneário is one of the most beloved destinations in Bonito and, no doubt, also in the country. The crystal clear and very intense blue water is a charm that attracts tourists from all parts of Brazil and even the world.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? What will you see on the tour?

The blue waters and the beautiful fish that inhabit them are not the only wonders of Balneário Ilha Bonita.

The beauties of Balneário Ilha Bonita (Bonito) are also in the richness of the dense green forest that surrounds the place and the numerous natural pools and waterfalls that have formed along the Rio Formoso.

Balneário Ilha Bonita has a complete structure and leisure activities for people of all ages, styles, tastes, and pockets.

The activities that tourists encounter when they arrive at Balneário Ilha Bonita are suitable for all types of visitors.

For those traveling with children, there are safer, shallower swimming areas, and even a playground.

For sports enthusiasts, this tour along the banks of the Formoso River offers soccer and sand volleyball courts, and for those seeking adrenaline in more extreme entertainment, there are options of trails, as well as two zip lines, five trampolines, boat rides, and boia cross along the river.

For those who are after the mere tranquility of being able to relax in a beautiful place like this, a pleasant suggestion is to swim in the fresh, clear, and calm waters of the natural pools of Bonito. One can also rest in the delightful hammocks, or have fun in the games rooms.

For those who don't know or don't like to cook, Balneário Ilha Bonita has more than one restaurant option that offers lunch and dinner, where delights are served, such as meat dishes, fish, desserts, etc.

The kiosks available there are also not far behind: they serve the most delicious and refreshing drinks and beverages that can please from the simplest to the most demanding and refined palates.

Not only in high season, but also in low season, the visitor will have the opportunity to make full use of the whole structure of the bathhouse, which is equipped with toilets, including those adapted for people with special needs, changing rooms, dressing rooms, kiosks, a playground for children, a game room, wi-fi, parking, a restaurant, and a covered barbecue grill, as well as buoys and life jackets.

It is important to point out that the buoys and barbecues must be rented in the area.

More tips to enjoy the ride

If a single day is not enough to enjoy all the wonders of Balneário Ilha Bonita, there is no need to worry: the location has its own lodging service, with a capacity for up to 50 people, distributed in apartments that accommodate up to 6 people comfortably.

Thus, you and your family can enjoy your vacation in Mato Grosso do Sul with tranquility and without any hurry.

The boat ride is another option suitable for various ages, as the river that flows through Balneário does not have a very strong current, which makes the ride safe for children.

The 800-meter trail along the river bank allows for the sighting of monkeys, birds, fish, and other animals of rare beauty from the enchanting local fauna.

Bonito is a delightful tour option at any time of the year. In high season, you may need to make a reservation by phone, as this is a very popular tour with tourists.

It is the perfect outing to enjoy with the whole family, from those who are 8 to those who are 80!

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More than 30 thousand square meters of the green area filled with birds, mammals, waterfalls, and calm and crystalline waters.

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Where is it?

Balneário Ilha Bonita is part of the charming municipality of Bonito, MS, and is situated 12 km from Bonito city center.

To get to the Balneário Ilha Bonita (Bonito) and enjoy its beauties and amenities, you have to drive along the Rodovia do Turismo (Tourism Highway) and get on km 8, heading towards Fazenda Ilha Bonita.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!



Food and drinks (in case you prefer to make your own barbecue at Balneário Ilha Bonita instead of eating at the restaurant).


Camera or cell phone to take amazing pictures.



Pay attention to these recommendations

The duration of the tour is free, but there are operating hours in the area.

The Balneário Ilha Bonita is 12 km from the center of Bonito, which may make it easier to take other nearby trips.

Tourist attraction suitable for all ages.



See the structure that the tour offers


Sand volleyball court.





Sun loungers.



Included Items

These items are included

The entrance fee gives access to all the activities in the Balneário structure.

Transportation to the area is not included in the entrance fee.

Meals in the restaurant are paid separately.


Children (0 to 5 years old): free admission.

High Season

Adults: R$85
Children: R$45

Low Season

Adults: R$85
Children: R$45

What they are saying about

Balneário Ilha Bonita


Wow, what a beautiful place! I loved everything, the kiosks, the food, the recreation area, the dorms, finally perfect! A place where you can have fun with family and friends.

Andressa K.


A beautiful place. We went with 9 people and everyone enjoyed the day use.

Carlos Rodrigo


The best bathhouse in Bonito of those we visited. Clean and spacious place. It has a hostel for overnight stay with breakfast. You can bring food and drinks, and there are barbecue grills for rent. Good service. The water is clean, you can see the fish without flotation, but it is very deep and not recommended for those who can't swim very well. We loved the place. Exuberant nature.

Maria Conceicao

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