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Barra do Sucuri

Tour Details

Barra do Sucuri is a float trip down one of the three most crystalline rivers on the planet and one of the most transparent rivers in Brazil.

The tour begins on a 150-meter trail to the main deck, where visitors make the 1,300-meter trek (a 25-minute river climb) by rowboat.

During the trip, at the meeting of the Formoso and Sucuri rivers, travelers can contemplate nature, with its diversity of fauna and flora in the Bonito/MS region.

At the end of the trip, everyone arrives at the Barra do Sucuri floating deck to do the main activity of the tour: floating in the emerald green waters, as well as enjoying the aquatic vegetation and the various species of fish.

At any time, the visitor can return to the boat via the Barra do Sucuri access ladder.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? How does the Barra do Sucuri ride with Rio Formoso happen?

After you hand in the tour voucher, pay attention to the tour guide's instructions about the group divisions. In total, there are 9 people per group and everyone receives the necessary equipment for the hike and snorkeling at Barra do Sucuri: snorkel, mask, shoes, and wetsuit.

The group can change clothes and equip themselves in the changing rooms, and it is important to leave their belongings in lockers on area.

With everyone ready and equipped, the guide takes the groups on a 150-meter trail until the meeting of the waters of the Sucuri River and the Formoso River.

Visitors are dazzled by the transparency of the waters in Barra do Rio Sucuri, because the visibility is immense and allows for a rich immersion in the underwater world.

At this point, the guide explains the use of the equipment so that everyone can have the opportunity to dive in these crystalline waters.

Once they are ready, each group gets into the rowboat and rows up an ascent of approximately 1,300 meters until they reach the flotation area in the Sucuri River.

The guide follows the group by boat while guiding those who need it and explaining about the riparian forest, passing on more information about the place.

At the end of the float, the group returns along the trail, changes clothes, and returns the equipment.

There is a restaurant at the attraction: when lunch is included, it can be eaten before or after the tour.


Tours to go with the Barra do Sucuri?

figueira beach

Floating in the most crystalline stretch of the Rio Formoso for about 1000 meters and an average duration of 1 hour. There are activities such as zip line, stand-up, kayak and waterslide.

boa constrictor project

Children and adults alike can enjoy the adventure, learning more about boa constrictors, their habits, and environmental importance. At the end, you can also have your picture taken with a real snake.

municipal spa of bonito
Public leisure space in Bonito where people can dive into the crystal clear waters, play sports, and bring canned food for the barbecue.
sun bathhouse

Located 12 km from the center of Bonito, Balneário do Sol has many free activities for children and adults, such as volleyball, soccer, and even a giant chess set.

são mateus grotto

Perfect tour for adventurers through a cave full of rock formations and good stories, as the cave has a museum of objects and old cars.

? How to book/buy tours to enjoy Barra do Sucuri in Bonito/MS?

You can reserve your spot on our website, Roteiro Bonito MS, and guarantee your trip to one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

Even if you can find natural beauty outside the country, such as in South Africa, Ivory Coast, South Korea, or in little-known places like Antigua and Barbuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Isle of Man, there is no doubt that Brazilian soil you can enjoy yourself without having to go that far.

? Where to eat at Barra do Sucuri in Bonito/MS?

If lunch is not included during the Barra da Sucuri tour, or if you want other restaurant options besides the one available at the attraction, there are alternatives at Bonito/MS.

Besides the famous Zapi Zen, with one of the best pizzas in the region, you can also find Arabic and natural food at the Turquesa restaurant or the #1 on the TripAdvisor list, Juanita, 15.7 km from Barra do Sucuri.

Overall, it has a Brazilian and international menu, as well as regional delicacies such as alligator meat and a variety of fish.

The advantage is that you can combine one of the best Bonito/MS rides with the best typical food of the southern Brazilian city of Mato Grosso. Not to mention that you can extend the tour with other attractions in the region.

? How is the ride on the Balneário Refúgio da Barra of the Sucuri River?

In the final stretch of the Sucuri River flotation, near the meeting of the Sucuri and Formoso rivers, visitors can enjoy the Balneário Refúgio da Barra. But Barra do Sucuri and Refúgio da Barra are two distinct tours.

Travelers can include the Sucuri River Balneário Refúgio da Barra in the travel package during their tour and enjoy the cinematic beauty of one of the best Bonito/MS resorts.

There are 200 meters of the swimming area, exclusive decks, and a stunning landscape to eternalize in beautiful photos. Without a doubt, it is the best travel experience for ecotourism lovers.

? Tour Rules Barra do Sucuri

The city of Bonito/MS is stunning, receiving visits not only from tourists from Brazil but also from other countries, such as the United States, Denmark, Cape Verde, and Costa Rica, but to continue being an ecotourism giant, it only depends on you.

The site has rules that must be respected so that the beauties continue to attract more and more people. Here are some of them:

  • Not using protectors and repellents during the float
  • Do not eat or drink alcoholic beverages while hiking or on the riverbank
  • Look for accredited agencies, like ours, to have the accompaniment of registered guides
  • Use the equipment following the instructions for use

Barra do Sucuri x Rio Sucuri: is there a difference?

Although they have the same names, Barra do Sucuri and Rio Sucuri are distinct.

The two major differences between them are in the route and in the attraction: while Barra do Sucuri contemplates the meeting between the Sucuri and Formoso rivers, the Sucuri River tour highlights the river's source.

To do the Rio Sucuri tour, it is also necessary to combine walking and floating. In all, there are 400 meters of the trail to the deck, where tourists float for 1,800 meters.

A support boat accompanies the entire activity, making the trip more relaxed, even more so if you are traveling with children.

By the way, in the Sucuri River, the minimum age for swimming is 4 years, while in the Barra do Sucuri it is 6 years.

Sucuri River

Considered the "Brazilian Maldives", it is one of the most transparent water locations in the world.

Where is it?

Barra do Sucuri is located at Sítio Água Azul - Highway Bonito Fazenda América, S/N - Bonito/MS.

You can leave the center from Bonito by car and drive for 27 km via R. Monte Castelo to Barra do Sucuri.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!


Insect repellent

Extra Clothes



Clean, dry towels.


Photo Camera



Pay attention to these recommendations

Visiting time: 2 hours

Distance from center of Bonito: 17 km

Free for all ages.



See the structure that the tour offers

Access for wheelchair users

Toilets for wheelchair users


Smoking area





Smoking area

Baggage Locker


Included Items

These items are included

Accompaniment by guide


Accident insurance

Neoprene Suit

Flotation shoe

Snorkel with mask

Life vest


High Season

Adults and children

Low Season

Adults and children

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