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Bio Park Bonito

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Bio Park Bonito is a wildlife shelter located in the city of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. The shelter is open to visitors, combining conservation and environmental education in a single place.

The main focus of the place is really to offer health and welfare to the animals that live there. After all, the work is geared toward animals that are unable to return to the wild.

You don't need to book an exotic trip (Antigua and Barbuda, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates, Democratic Republic of Congo, or the Isle of Man) to see beautiful wildlife.

Overall, it is still a recent shelter, having emerged in 2019, but one that is increasingly succeeding in bringing quality of life to its residents.

In addition to all the environmental content, which is the key to the space, there is also a farm with mini animals, which helps to attract new visitors.

Thus, the money collected from the visits is used precisely to keep the place running properly.

The animals must receive every care and a balanced diet, depending on their natural characteristics.

Bio Park also works through donations, in addition to partnerships with some businesses.

The partner fruit stores, for example, help to maintain some of the food by donating several varieties of fruit.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? Animals

Bio Park plays a crucially important role in the region, as it serves as a refuge for several species of animals. In all, more than 20 species live in the shelter, with mammals, primates, birds, and more.

Furthermore, the animals that go into space are those that are no longer able to survive in the wild. After all, it takes physical as well as emotional fitness to adapt to wild living conditions, something that the residents no longer have.

Inside the shelter, these animals find everything they need to have a peaceful and dignified life, with adequate food and medical care.

In addition to the keepers, the team has professionals in the areas of biology, animal husbandry, and veterinary, who work together to provide the best for the animals.

Some of the species of animals that live in Bio Park Bonito are:

  • Sucuri-verde
  • Emma
  • maned wolf
  • Jaguar
  • Giant anteater
  • Capuchin monkey
  • Peccary
  • Black howler
  • True Parrot
  • Canindé macaw
  • Capybara

All are common animals in the local fauna, and it is also possible to encounter other wild individuals outside the shelter through other walks through Bonito/MS.

????? Lots of fun for the whole family

In all, Bio Park Bonito has an area of about 6 hectares, which is exactly where an old pasture used to be. Thus, the site is being recovered by planting new trees native to the area, mostly fruit trees.

In this process, complementing the structure, there is a vegetable garden area and also a worm farm, which contribute to the fertilization of the trees. The worms, by the way, are part of the food for some of the species in the area.

The park's reception desk is right at the entrance, which is where visitors receive all the instructions about the rules of operation and safety.

Those who go to Bio Park can take a 700-meter trail, from where it is possible to observe the animals up close.

The species stay in different shelters, and the path also offers resting places to recover energy and enjoy the beauty of the environment.

In the reception area, for example, there are snack bars and souvenir stores.

It is worth remembering that the observation of the individuals safely takes place, with the full protection of the shelters.

Moreover, the specimens that are still recovering and do not do so well with a human company are kept in a quarantine space. Only after they have fully adapted to their new home are visitors able to observe them.


Mini animal farm

To complete the tour, another very attractive attraction of Bio Park Bonito is the mini animal farm. This is a place that enchants visitors, especially children, who have the experience of getting to know miniatures of other animals.

In this case, of course, they are all domestic animals, and this is a common activity in many regions of the world.

Some of the most commonly found there are mini pigs, mini cows, mini horses, and mini rabbits, as well as other domestic species.

Unlike the shelter area for wild species, here the farm allows direct contact with the animals. This is why children and adults alike enjoy this part of the tour very much.

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Where is it?

Bio Park Bonito has located at Km 2 of MS 178 highway, which connects the cities of Bonito and Bodoquena, both in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Thus, the distance to the center of Bonito/MS is only 5 km, on paved roads, which makes access easy.


What to bring?

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Photo Camera

Cash (extra consumption)


Light clothing





Pay attention to these recommendations

Duration: 1h30.

Free for all ages.



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Accident insurance


High Season

Adults: R$90
Children (6-11): R$65

Low Season

Adults: R$90
Children (6-11): R$65

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