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Bonito Brazil with Kids: 17 Attraction Tips to Bring the Kids

If you are planning a trip to Bonito with kidsThis can be a great time to give the little ones a completely different experience, full of adventure and immersion in nature.

Bonito/MS is known as one of the best cities in the country for ecotourism, and it would be unfair, to say the least, to deprive children of these outings.

Therefore, although many activities have a minimum age requirement, in many places the little ones will be able to enjoy the beauties of the city and create great memories with you.

Many children dream of visiting Disney and other fantastic destinations. But sometimes parents want to give their little ones different experiences.

You don't have to take an exotic, complicated trip like to South Korea, Ivory Coast, Isle of Man, Antigua and Barbuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or the United Arab Emirates.

This is because Brazil offers many incredible destinations and, without a doubt, Bonito is one of them, with unmissable attractions such as the Rio da Prata and the Anhumas Abyss.

Best things to do in Bonito with kids

As we have already said, Bonito is known for the diversity of activities in contact with nature that can be carried out in its surroundings.

So both children and adults must be prepared and willing to deal with plenty of water, sun, and hiking.

This is because tours such as visiting caves, balnearies, and rivers always require a bit of effort.

But, without further ado, let's get to know the main attractions to enjoy Bonito with kids!

1. Blue Lake Grotto

The Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul) is one of several caves located in the vicinity of Bonito.

However, it is extremely special because of the blue coloration of the water inside the cave, especially when the sun's rays enter the place.

Although bathing and diving are not possible, the Cave of the Blue Lake has specimens of the megafauna at the bottom of the lake, which becomes a historical attraction for children.

To take this tour, there is a 200-meter trail from the reception to the entrance of the cave, and a few more steps to get close to the lake, which makes this tour very easy for children.

To make it more comfortable, it is ideal to wear sunscreen, repellent, and comfortable shoes during the trip.

The input value is R$ 90 per person in low season and R$ 130 in high season.

Magnificent Underground River
Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

Be surprised by a 200-meter descent, with more than 300 steps, containing a beautiful lake with a blue tone that varies according to the incidence of sunlight inside the cave. The beauty of the lake and the cave are worth visiting and contemplating

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2. São Mateus Cave

são mateus grotto

The St. Matthew's Grotto (Gruta São Mateus) is another tour that can be done in Bonito with childrenIt is easy to access and very interesting.

At the entrance of the attraction, there is a small museum with stuffed animals and some old cars that can be observed until it is time to receive the directions and the helmet to start the ride.

After receiving all the necessary information, the guide accompanies everyone in the group for a walk of a little more than 300 meters to the cave entrance.

On the way, we have to cross a trail suspended 5 meters high, but quite safe and fast.

For kids who like adventure, this will be a great part of the tour.

After arriving at the entrance of the cave, we have 60 steps to descend and start contemplating the geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites all over the inside of the cave.

This is one of the tours with a minimum age requirement, so children must be at least 6 years old.

The price for adults is R$ 55 in low season and R$ 72 in high season. Children between the ages of 6 and 11 pay R$ 7.20 in both seasons.

One of the most visited points
São Mateus Grotto (Gruta de São Mateus)

Its rock formation is reminiscent, in its exterior architecture, of the Gothic cathedrals of the medieval era. It is possible to go on guided hikes inside the mountain, walking along several underground trails that will take you from one side to the other. You can also take some great photos during the whole hike!

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3. Rio do Peixe Waterfalls

fish river waterfalls

The Rio do Peixe tour is one of the destinations that require almost a whole day set aside for it, but is well worth it.

On a walk of just over 2000 meters through the riparian forest to the Peixe River, all visitors are guided to make a total of 7 stops at different points.

During the breaks, it is possible to encounter different parts of the river and freshwater falls that allow for swimming, diving, zip-lining, and trampolining.

In this way, the children have a lot of fun and don't even realize the day is passing.

Besides the contact with water, your children will also be in contact with the forest and some animals, such as macaws and monkeys that live there.

The value of the tour starts at R$ 206.00The prices vary according to low and high seasons.

One of the most beautiful destinations
Rio do Peixe Waterfall

There are eleven incredible waterfalls to explore. Including the Cachoeira da Grutinha, where fish swim among the water visitors. In addition, this is also an experience for those who want to know more about the vegetation of the Serra da Bodoquena and the animals of the place, such as monkeys, toucans, and macaws.

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4. Natural Aquarium

bonito natural aquarium

This is one of the tours you can't miss if you are in Bonito with children because they will be delighted!

The Natural Aquarium is a part of the Baía Bonita River that then meets up with the Formoso River and the Formosinho River.

However, what is most impressive is the transparency of the water and the view of the underwater life in the area.

It is an incredible outing to be done with the family, after all, it creates an unusual experience that will make everyone remember the Natural Aquarium.

The infrastructure of the place is very good and all the guides are very receptive and trained to accompany everyone on the trail and perform the flotation training in the pool, as well as to help when everyone is already in the river.

This tour is worthwhile for children and adults alike, and the waters of the Natural Aquarium will never be forgotten after the visit.

The price varies according to high and low season, starting at R$ 230 for adults and R$ 150 for children 6 years old and up.

One of the most popular floats
Floating in the Natural Aquarium

The flotation in the Bonito Natural Aquarium is one of the most sought after by visitors because it is an activity at the source of the river. Before the float, you will receive all the necessary equipment and go through a training session with the instructor, so that everything goes well!

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5. Buraco das Araras

macaw hole

The Buraco das Araras is another contemplative tour that can be taken in Bonito with children.

The famous hole is the result of the collapse of a cave ceiling, giving rise to a dolina.

For natural reasons, the macaws, especially the red macaws, decided to occupy this place and make it their home.

Thus, the whole tour revolves around getting to the vicinity of the hole and watching the macaws interacting with each other and, at any moment, flying over their heads.

For children, it is a great outing to observe the trails and have a more direct view of nature, through the lookouts present on site.

Furthermore, the place is well planned to receive tourists and has a souvenir shop for those who want to take a souvenir directly from Mato Grosso do Sul.

This tour is recommended for everyone, children up to 7 years old are free, and children between 8 and 12 pay R$ 78 - the same value as adults.

Excellent ecotourism option
Buraco das Araras

An incredible walk in the middle of nature, in an incredible geological formation, among the Brazilian fauna and flora. Besides observing nature, the macaws, and all the other animals that live there, you can also enjoy rappelling, an attraction for the adventurous!

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6. Balneário do Sol

sun bathhouse

The Balneário do Sol é one of the perfect tours to perform with the children in Bonito/MS and ensure their fun.

The Balneário do Sol consists of natural pools of the Formoso River and allows everyone who goes there to have access to bathing, diving, kayaking, stand-up paddle, zip line, sports courts, playground, and mini farm.

In other words, the little ones will be full of possibilities for outings at just one of the attractions during the trip.

Therefore, the resort shows itself as a very interesting destination during your time in Bonito with children.

The entrance fee for Balneário do Sol varies according to low and high season, starting at$ 80 for adults and R$ 40 for children.

To enjoy with the family
Balneário do Sol

Balneário do Sol was specially created for the fun of several families, all in contact with nature and enjoying the activities Balneário do Sol offers. Of course, all of its attractions offer fun for both groups and individuals, so you won't regret it!

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7. Serra da Bodoquena Waterfalls

bodoquena mountain waterfall

The Serra da Bodoquena Waterfalls are a complex of waterfalls located in Balneário Estrela do Formoso.

Therefore, there are about 8 waterfalls that can be explored at this destination with children.

This way, besides having the wells for bathing, the site has a sports court, zip line, chairs for resting, and sports courts.

Soon, all children will be able to be very entertained with the many attractions of the place and create good memories of Mato Grosso do Sul and the amazing city of Bonito.

Bonito has tours for all profiles, and these waterfalls are proof of this.

The entry fee starts at R$ 168.

A complex of stunning waterfalls
Serra da Bodoquena Waterfall

Don't miss the chance to visit this waterfall complex, with several magnificent guided trails and natural pools for you to bathe in and 'wash your soul'. In addition, there is also a delicious lunch with all the typical dishes of the Bonito region, so you can get into the local atmosphere!

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8. Barra do Sucuri and Sucuri River Float

sucuri river fluctuation

The float trips are quite common in Bonito/MS and are always enjoyed by the children since they can see everything that happens underwater while floating.

Although the Barra do Sucuri and the Sucuri River are on different properties, both activities occur on the same river, but Barra do Sucuri ends at the river's source and the Rio Sucuri property starts from its source.

So, regardless of which farm you decide to take your tour at, know that it will be just as worthwhile.

Before arriving at the flotation, everyone passes through a 200-meter trail, until they get on the boat that takes the group to the beginning of the tour.

Everyone is provided with a neoprene suit, life jackets, masks, and snorkels, which greatly helps the children to be able to float without much difficulty and any risk.

For Barra do Sucuri, the values start at R$ 139while for the Sucuri River flotation, you have to pay from R$ 211.

Swim in crystal clear waters with few fish
Floating in the Sucuri River (Flutuação no Rio Sucuri)

The Sucuri River is not only one of the main rivers in the region but also one of the most sought after in the country. After a short trail through some crystal clear springs, you will arrive at the deck where the flotation on the Sucuri River will begin, very close to the fish!

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9. Nascente Azul

blue spring fluctuation

The Nascente Azul is one more of spas present in the cityIt is one of the walks that very few people skip when they are in Bonito with children.

There you can snorkel, float, observe waterfalls, and enjoy several trails that can be explored during the tour.

An interesting part is that the natural pools in this resort come from the Bonito River itself.

Besides being one of the recommended stops for your trip to Bonito, the place is very cozy and with several possibilities to spend the little ones' energy.

The input ranges from R$ 210 and R$ 300depending on age and season.

Floating that can't miss in your itinerary
Floating Nascente Azul

The tour is done from the source of the Bonito River, through a trail of about 300 meters that takes you to the place to be equipped to perform the flotation. After the tour enjoys a delicious lunch and takes advantage of the structure of the Balneário Nascente Azul.

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10. Boat ride on the Formoso River

boia cross on formoso river

For adventurous children, the float trip down the Rio Formoso cannot be left out of your travel itinerary.

This is an attraction where everyone gets inside an inflatable boat and goes through waterfalls, waterfalls, and some small currents that bring even more adrenaline to the ride.

Before starting the trip, everyone goes through training to ensure safety.

The minimum age to enjoy the float trip in Rio Formoso is 8 years old and the price is R$ 115 per person.

Radical ride for the whole family
Boia Cross

The Boia Cross consists in going down the rapids and waterfalls of the Formoso River and can be done from 12 years old on. In other words, even though it is considered an extreme and super fun trip, it is perfect to be done by the whole family!

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11. Praia da Figueira

figueira beach

The Praia da Figueira is another resort in the Bonito region in Mato Grosso do Sul and can be enjoyed by everyone.

So if you are planning your trip to Bonito with the kids, this attraction can easily be on your itinerary.

On site, the completely white sand is very attractive and the huge lake full of fish makes children very excited to explore every little corner.

In addition, Praia da Figueira has one of the largest zip lines in the region, which can be a great attraction.

Furthermore, for the more restrained, there is also the possibility of taking pedal boat trips, quadricyclefloatation and trampoline, for example.

The attraction is free for all ages and costs from R$ 55.

Enjoy the fresh water beach
Praia da Figueira

A year-round destination for countless tourists, Praia da Figueira in Bonito is an artificial freshwater beach formed around a 60,000-meter-long crystal-clear lagoon. You may not be able to ride the waves, but you will enjoy the ride!

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12. Balneário Municipal

municipal spa of bonito

For you who want to enjoy the trip to Bonito with children, but with cheaper tours, the Balneário Municipal is a great possibility.

This is because it is located in the center of the city, the entrance fee is much lower, and there are some tours that can be taken around the perimeter of the resort.

After all, it has barbecue grills, sand soccer courts, sand volleyball courts, restaurants, snack bars, natural pools, and much more.

So it is good to keep this destination in mind during your trip.

Children up to 2 years old do not pay to enter. From age 3 and up, everyone pays R$ 55.

Breathtaking Water Attractions
Balneário Municipal de Bonito

The Balneário Municipal has a complete infrastructure, with places to swim and dive, restaurants, restrooms, and a parking lot. The breathtaking water tractions that the city offers (you can swim right next to the fishes) make this a trip that cannot be left out of your itinerary.

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13. Parque das Cachoeiras

waterfalls park

The Waterfalls Park (Parque das Cachoeiras) is a perfect outing for parents who already sense the adventurous spirit in their children.

That's because the site has 7 waterfalls that can be enjoyed while bathing, besides attractions such as trails, caves, and wells.

But the trip can be made unforgettable by the possibility of zip-lining and tree-climbing, where the little ones travel over the top of centennial trees on suspension bridges, with the help of ropes and safety equipment.

Thus, this can be a perfect destination for adventurous families and children in Bonito.

The values start from R$ 40.

For lovers of waterfalls
Waterfalls Park (Parque das Cachoeiras)

It all starts with an ecological walk, which offers purification and connection with nature, which is very good for mental health. In all, the park has 7 waterfalls, meaning that you will have the opportunity to bathe in up to 7 different places!

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14. Projeto Jibóia

boa constrictor project

Unlike the other tours, the Projeto Jibóia happens after the sun has set, starting at 7 pm.

At the site, the whole family can participate, regardless of age, and learn a little more about the habits of boa constrictors and other snakes, understand how their life cycle works in nature, and how they feed.

For children and parents who are brave enough, it is possible take pictures with the local boa constrictorsEven holding them - always with supervision, of course.

Admission costs R$ 60.

A Walk for the Brave
Project boa constrictor

The idea of this program is to bring everyone a different experience, focused on environmental education about this species: the boa constrictor. In the project, several curiosities are presented, plus some tips about this species, and knowledge about the life of snakes. How about even putting a snake around your neck?

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15. Estância Mimosa

mimosa resort

The Estância Mimosa is one more of perfect rides for the whole family, including those who want to enjoy Bonito with children.

The site has 10 waterfalls, 9 of which visitors are allowed to bathe in.

Besides this, the place has a great infrastructure in the reception, trails, and decks for the comfort of the visitors.

The value is from R$ 164It's a great experience, varying for children and adults, and also according to the low and high seasons.

For those who want to get to know the fauna and flora
Estância Mimosa

Get in touch with that characteristic charm of farms that preserve the characteristics of the old headquarters, facing a lake and with a water spring inside the establishment. In addition, Estância Mimosa is the ideal setting for beautiful photo shoots!

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16. Boca da Onça

jaguar mouth

Another attraction for the little radicals is the Boca da Onça.

At this attraction, several trails lead to waterfalls available for bathing and some other adventures.

One of the main ones is rappelling, which can be done by adults and children as young as 12 years old.

In this way, everyone in the family has fun and builds great memories together.

The value is from R$ 350 for adults and R$ 177 for children, varying according to high and low season.

Beautiful springs and waterfalls
Waterfall Boca da Onça

The Boca da Onça waterfall is an attraction in itself, but it is not the only one available there. Marvel at the many nature trails, springs, and several other waterfalls that will amaze you, and for the more adventurous it is even possible to abseil down the waterfall!

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17. Bonito Aquarium

bonito natural aquarium

The Bonito Aquarium is another contemplative tour and that it is perfect for little ones of all ages.

After all, the main objective of the attraction is to show more than 60 species of fish distributed in more than 30 different tanks and with the most diverse shapes, colors, and breeds.

Thus, the little ones can get to know the freshwater fish, including some that can be found during float trips.

On the visit, some guides can make the tour even more interesting and educational.

Prices start from R$ 150 and reach R$ 280.

How to prepare for visiting Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul with children?

As you can see, most of the tours involve hiking, and being in contact with nature and water.

Therefore, it is important to take some precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of the little ones, and also the preservation of the surrounding nature.

Basically it is important is awarer a:

  • Wear sunscreen and insect repellent (not allowed on floating or diving tours);
  • Wear light, comfortable clothing;
  • Wear shoes that are attached to the foot, preferably sneakers;
  • Use caps;
  • Always carry a bottle of water.

In any case, it is always worth checking the restrictions/guidelines for each activity.

So, ready to take a trip to Bonito with the kids?

Bonito is one of the must-see cities for all residents and non-residents of Brazil. This is because it holds countless possibilities to expand your knowledge of nature through a completely immersive experience.

In this way, visit Bonito with children is a way to demonstrate how important ecotourism is to generate repertoire, fun, and unforgettable days for them, while they learn to preserve nature even more.

So no matter what your favorite outings are, the important thing is that everyone is comfortable and enjoys the trip.

Now, with all these aspects in mind, you can start planning the best itinerary for your family (we have tips for teens), thinking about the personality of the children, disposable income, and the number of days reserved for the destination.

Know that this will certainly be one of the most unforgettable trips that you and your family will ever take to Brazil.

Did you like our tips? Book your tours with Roteiro Bonito MS today, by email or WhatsApp, and come see this paradise!


Where to stay in Bonito with children?

Among the places available in Bonito to stay with children, some of the best options are Araras Hotel Rural, Hotel Paraíso das Águas, and Hotel Pousada Araúna. This is because they guarantee contact with nature and the availability of amusement parks to entertain them.

What to do in Bonito with small children?

It is possible to do most of the Bonito tours with small children.u00a0 However, the bathhouses, cave tours, raft rides, visit the Bonito Aquarium, and visit the Buraco das Araras are some of the attractions that make parents worry less and still guarantee fun for the little ones.

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