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Bonito in July: Complete Guide to Attractions and Tours

Bonito in July is a perfect time to enjoy the rides in the city of ecotourism in Brazil.

Located in the countryside of Mato Grosso do Sul, less than 300 km from the state capital, Campo Grande, Bonito has a wealth of attractions. There are waterfalls, natural pools, trails, spas, caves, and rivers to get to know and explore.

In July, many of these attractions have ideal conditions, as is the case for floating in the river springs, which will have crystal clear waters.

So, if you are thinking of spending your mid-year vacation in the southern region of Mato Grosso do Sul, there will be no shortage of tours and attractions during this period. Check it out!

Best attractions and tours in Bonito in July

July marks one of the main periods of high season in Bonito/MS, due to the mid-year school vacations. So, along with December and January, are the times when there is a greater flow of visitors in the city.

Nevertheless, the weather conditions in these two periods are very different, since the end of the year is summer, with plenty of rain in the region, favoring the waterfalls and bathing spots.

July, on the other hand, is the dry season of winter, when the rivers can be crystal clear. Not surprisingly, the main tours around Bonito-MS in this month are:

  • Sucuri River Float;
  • Blue Lake Grotto;
  • Mysterious Lagoon;
  • Ceita Corê;
  • Natural Aquarium Bonito;
  • Serra da Bodoquena;
  • São Mateus Cave.

Now, let's take a closer look at how each of these attractions works!

1. Sucuri River Float

sucuri river

During the summer season, when the rains are very heavy in the region, the river waters become a little more turbid.

But in the middle of the year, when the period is drier, the water quality reaches its maximum degree. That's why floating is an alternative that really can't be left out of the itinerary of those who travel to the city in July.

And when it comes to this activity, it is impossible not to mention Sucuri Riverwhich is simply the most transparent river in Brazil.

The flotation takes place at its source, where the crystallinity is greater, taking advantage of a clear stretch of water.

Everything happens by wearing a special neoprene suit, as well as a snorkel and mask so that you can observe everything with your eyes wide open.

On the tour, the visitor floats on the water, belly down, allowing the observation of the bottom of the river.

Swim in crystal clear waters with few fish
Floating in the Sucuri River (Flutuação no Rio Sucuri)

The Sucuri River is not only one of the main rivers in the region but also one of the most sought after in the country. After a short trail through some crystal clear springs, you will arrive at the deck where the flotation on the Sucuri River will begin, very close to the fish!

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2. Blue Lake Grotto

blue lake cave

As the main attraction of the entire city of Bonito/MS, the Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul) is a tour not to be missed in any month of the year.

As it is a naturally covered place and close to the center of the town, come rain or come shine, the place can receive visitors safely.

The cave, as the name implies, has a blue lake, which is its greatest highlight.

The crystal clear water, of a penetrating blue, draws attention for its unique beauty. In addition, the cave is also full of beautiful geological formations, such as speleothems, which adorn the entire interior.

This is a contemplation tour, where the tourist maintains only visual contact, without being able to enter the water or anything similar.

Still, because of the overall quality of the space, it pleases those who travel to Bonito.

Another interesting point to consider about the Blue Lake Grotto is that the place was once home to many extinct species.

Magnificent Underground River
Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

Be surprised by a 200-meter descent, with more than 300 steps, containing a beautiful lake with a blue tone that varies according to the incidence of sunlight inside the cave. The beauty of the lake and the cave are worth visiting and contemplating

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3. Mysterious Lagoon

mysterious lagoon

As well as floating, which are activities for floating in the water, diving is also very popular in Bonito.

Bonito, in this respect, has a major highlight in this category, the Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa)a gigantic flooded doline that lies in the region of Bonito.

The site once had a cover in the past, but eventually collapsed over time, leaving only the ground part where there is the lake.

The color of the water is dark blue, but it offers visibility of an incredible 40 meters.

Those who travel to Bonito in July can find the best conditions for this tour. This is because during the summer the dolina is closed to tours by the general public.

The main point of the lake is that its exact depth is unknown, with the maximum ever cataloged being 220 meters.

Thus, it is precisely this characteristic that gives rise to the name, Mysterious Lagoon, due to the mystery that it involves.

The dolina is usually among the best alternatives for professional divers. And even those with no experience at all can venture here.

Dive in a bottomless place
Floating in the Mysterious Lagoon

Have you ever thought of floating in a place where the depth is unknown? Well, that's exactly what the Mystery Lagoon is all about! There, besides floating, you can also dive and explore a little more of these mysterious waters. A trip for those with courage!

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4. Ceita Corê

ceita corê farm

The Ceita Corê is a farm that offers one of the most complete tours in the region, which involves waterfalls, trails, and floating.

The place initially draws attention for its traditional structure, with a simple construction that tells a lot of the city's history.

And those who visit Bonito in July cannot miss it either, because of the attractions there.

The time it takes to enjoy this tour is long, and it is necessary to dedicate the whole day to enjoying the adventure.

After all, the program itself already involves the morning and afternoon periods, with two different attractions.

In the morning, the visitors are taken to the Chapeninha Valley, on a 4000-meter long trail. Along the way, they take the opportunity to take breaks at 6 places, which are the local waterfalls.

Then they return to the farm, where they rest and have lunch, to prepare for the afternoon adventure, which is an exploration of the Chapena River at its source.

There is a gigantic cave there, with a lake that is about 158 meters deep.

So, for those who are looking for several types of tours in one place, the Ceita Corê farm is worth checking out.

Accommodation with several attractions
Ceita Corê Farm

Stay at an incredible farm, with a colonial breakfast and several magnificent attractions around. There are several crystal clear waterfalls right next door for you to jump in and refresh yourself. In addition, there are several other tours to get in touch with nature!

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5. Natural Aquarium Bonito

bonito natural aquarium

The Natural Aquarium is another good float option to visit during the high season in July in Bonito.

It is in the Baía Bonita Ecological Reserve, where the source of the Baía Bonita River is located.

One of the key points for this tour is its proximity to the city, being the closest float option to downtown.

Moreover, it is characterized by calm currents and transparent waters.

With this, it is a perfect place to take the whole family for a walk, as well as to take both children (over 5 years old) and the elderly.

One of the most popular floats
Floating in the Natural Aquarium

The flotation in the Bonito Natural Aquarium is one of the most sought after by visitors because it is an activity at the source of the river. Before the float, you will receive all the necessary equipment and go through a training session with the instructor, so that everything goes well!

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6. Serra da Bodoquena

bodoquena mountain waterfall

Like the Ceita Corê, the Serra da Bodoquena is a complete tour option, with numerous activities. Therefore, it is interesting to reserve a full day to make the most of all the attractions.

It all starts with a trail of about 2.5 km, in an area within the Serra da Bodoquena National Park.

It is a very well preserved area in Mato Grosso do Sul, with trees and animals typical of the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest.

During the entire course of the trail, there are breaks to enjoy beautiful baths in the waterfalls and natural pools.

The farm, which is at the end of the walk, is where the bathhouse is, with several activities for fun, such as zip-lines.

What's more, Serra da Bodoquena also offers a float trip, to the source of the Azul River, a little further up the farm.

In all, more than 600 meters are floating on the water while observing detail the bottom of the river. So if you are thinking of going to Bonito in July, you should get organized to check out this tour.

A complex of stunning waterfalls
Serra da Bodoquena Waterfall

Don't miss the chance to visit this waterfall complex, with several magnificent guided trails and natural pools for you to bathe in and 'wash your soul'. In addition, there is also a delicious lunch with all the typical dishes of the Bonito region, so you can get into the local atmosphere!

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7. São Mateus Cave

são mateus grotto

Although the Blue Lake Grotto is the best known and most visited in the city, there are also other great options within this category of exploration and contemplation. One of them, without a doubt, is São Mateus Grotto (Gruta de São Mateus).

It is a dry cave, which has no lake or water accumulation inside. However, it has the characteristic of being a cave with entry and exit points at different points.

Although this may not seem like something that makes that much difference, it makes the tour unique, with a direct exploration, without the need to get to a certain point and back again.

So while one is inside the cave, the whole route is always new to the visitor.

One of the most visited points
São Mateus Grotto (Gruta de São Mateus)

Its rock formation is reminiscent, in its exterior architecture, of the Gothic cathedrals of the medieval era. It is possible to go on guided hikes inside the mountain, walking along several underground trails that will take you from one side to the other. You can also take some great photos during the whole hike!

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What is the weather like in Bonito in July?

As already mentioned, Bonito in July is a dry seasonIn winter, where there is no rain.

The temperature at this time of year ranges from 14 ºC and 25 ºCThis is when the flow of water in the rivers becomes smaller but much clearer.

Outdoor activities, such as spas, trails, and waterfalls, are also good options for outings during this period.

If you prefer to go to Bonito in the rainy season, choose to go between December and March.

So, those who are thinking of spending their vacations in some incredible destination in Brazil can opt for Bonito/MS, with a very attractive cost-benefit ratio.

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