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Dive in Bonito: 5 Options For You to Enjoy

The state of Mato Grosso do Sul has become a great reference in the practice of ecotourism. Among the many activities available, most tourists choose to experience the best dives of Bonito. 

Scuba diving tours have already become traditional in many countries. Fortunately, Brazil is also part of this list, and for this reason, we will present, from now on, the best dives in Bonito for you to know!

Shall we go for it?

The 5 best dives from Bonito for you to check out

Bonito is the perfect place to practice diving, for both beginners and experienced divers.

The municipality is home to several dive places for different levels and beauties. For BeginnersIt is possible to do the baptism dive, where the instructor takes the diver to a depth of, at most, 8 meters.

On these tours, no diver certification is required, allowing you to experience the wonderful underwater world without having to be a professional. The minimum age for this activity is 10 years old.

However, it is possible to make the Bonito diving coursesincluding basic and advanced courses.

The diving courses can last 3 or 4 days and include theoretical and practical lessons, with the use of the equipment and international certification.

For the recurring diversBonito/MS has some of the ideal places for this practice in fresh water.

1. Mysterious Lagoon

mysterious lagoon

The diving tours at Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa) follow a similar route to the hiking and floating tours, the only difference being the types of activities performed in the water.


Lagoa Misteriosa is located in the municipality of Jardim, in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul, a state in the Midwest region of Brazil.

The complete address of Lagoa Misteriosa is: Rodovia MS 178, Sentido Bonito a BR 267Jardim/Porto Murtinho.

Dive Categories

  • Baptism: A totally safe and comfortable diving experience for those who want to dive, but don't have a course. The maximum depth reached: 8 meters. Maximum of two visitors per dive instructor.
  • Basic Autonomy: For those with Open Water Scuba Diver certification. The maximum depth reached: 18 meters. An instructor can accommodate up to two visitors.
  • Advanced Autonomy: For those with Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver certification. The maximum depth reached: 25 meters. An instructor can accommodate up to two visitors.
  • Advanced Nitrox: On request only from September to March - for those with Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver certification. The maximum depth reached: 30 meters. Maximum of 2 visitors per instructor.

How is the tour?

Visitors leave from the reception area and follow an interpretive trail through the woods surrounding the dolina. The trail leads to the observation platform, from where you can appreciate all the beauty of the arboreal vegetation that covers the 75-meter-deep dolina.

Access to the lagoon is via a 185-step safety ladder. Upon arriving at the access deck of the Lagoa Misteriosa, visitors are equipped with diving equipment and trained to facilitate their acclimatization.

This is a time to enjoy, relax, and unwind, putting aside all your worries, because the dive guide will always be there for you, reassuring you and showing you the way forward.

Diving is extraordinary: diving into such a transparent abyss is like flying and floating in the air.

Forget the world and meditate on the vastness of the Mysterious Lagoon: views of two blue chasms, vertical stone walls, fallen tree trunks, accumulations of white sand, and branches of golden leaves.

After the dive, which lasts on average 30 minutes, the visitor returns to the deck, is helped to remove the equipment, goes up the stairs, is escorted by the guide, crosses another path, and returns to the lagoon full of stories to tell and pictures to share!

Anyone with more than 10 years you can participate in the baptism if you wish. Medical restrictions are for pregnant women and people with heart problems.

Because of the proximity of the attractions, it is possible to do the trail and buoy ride at Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata on the same day as the Mysterious Lagoon ride.

Dive in a bottomless place
Floating in the Mysterious Lagoon

Have you ever thought of floating in a place where the depth is unknown? Well, that's exactly what the Mystery Lagoon is all about! There, besides floating, you can also dive and explore a little more of these mysterious waters. A trip for those with courage!

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2. Rio da Prata

diving rio da prata bonito ms

Considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, the crystalline Silver River is one of those spots that always make a trip to Bonito/MS worth a visit.

The images of this natural reservoir inhabited by a variety of plants and fish such as piraputangas and piaus speak for themselves.

On this tour, baptism dives and dives for more experienced visitors are available, as well as a float trip that flows into the Rio da Prata from the headwaters of the Olho d'Água river.


Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata is located in the neighboring town of Jardim. To get there, you have to drive along MS 178 for about 47 km of asphalt and another 3 km on a dirt road - or the visitor can use shared transportation.

How is the dive?

The water visibility is impressive and you can enjoy it all by snorkeling for four hours and exploring the waters. Or, if you are accredited, you can enjoy a 40-minute dive at a depth of 7 meters.

This site is a Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN), 50 km from the city of Bonito.

One of the best dives
Diving Rio da Prata

This is a unique tour, where visitors can go scuba diving in the river, and observe the beauties that nature has to offer. The fascination comes precisely from the encounter with several shoals of fish that inhabit the place.

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3. Nascente do Rio Formoso

Diving in Rio Formoso
Source: Pedro Serra (Flickr)

The movement of water pouring from the ground in the Nascente do Rio Formoso lifts the sand like an underwater eruption, comparable to the beauty of a volcano: it is to recharge your energies already starting directly at the source.

In addition, the site is also known for the splendid fossil record of mammals of the "Ice Age" megafauna, since the place was once a space frequented by mammoths and giant sloths. A supernatural sensation.


The Formoso River begins at Serra da Bodoquena and flows into the Miranda River, and its 120 km of length is in the municipality of Bonito/MS.

Diving in the spring of Rio Formoso

Rio Formoso is characterized by its scenic beauty, composed of submerged tree trunks, limestone formations, countless fish, and aquatic plants.

The feeling is like being in a bottle of champagne as you pass under the waterfall.

Both baptismal diving and diving for people with experience are available on this tour.

At other points on the river, there are also options of floating and other water activities.

Complementary activities to diving

You can also take a kayak or rafting trip down the Rio Formoso, passing two rapids and three waterfalls.

4. Mimoso Cave (Gruta do Mimoso)

mimoso cave

At Mimoso Grotto (Gruta do Mimoso)In this beautiful tourist spot in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, you have 3 tour options: contemplation, flotation, and diving.


The Mimoso Cave is located in Nova Querência Farm, 30.4 km (32 minutes by car) from the main travel agencies in Bonito.

After leaving the MS-178 highway, follow the same route to Nascente Azul and Rio do Peixe To get to this cave in Bonito/MS, you have to walk a short distance (300 meters on average).

After this short walk, you can already see the entrance to the cave, a small but beautiful cave in the middle of the Bonita forest.

Origin of the name

Although there is the Mimoso River in the town of Bonito/MS, the name of the cave has nothing to do with the river.

The cave is named after a ox called Mimosowho liked to stay near the cave. The animal belongs to the father of the current owner of the place.

What dives are there at Gruta do Mimoso?

If you are looking for a more in-depth experience at the Mimoso Cave, how about an underwater adventure tour? There are 3 types of dives of Bonito/MS available here:

  • Diving Baptism (non certified);
  • Open Water (accredited);
  • Discover.

To stay in touch with nature
Mimoso Grotto (Gruta do Mimoso)

A spectacular and breathtaking attraction, what is also very impressive is that after more than 15 years closed for visitation, the Mimoso Cave reopened to receive tourists in early 2022 and has been a complete success ever since.

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5. Abyss Anhumas


This tour requires a diving certificate. For those who don't have one, there is the option of floating in the lake of Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas).


Anhumas Abyss Cave is 23 km from the center of Bonito/MS.

How is the tour?

The adventure down the abyss begins with a rope descent from 72 meters in a crack.

Next, you will come to a cave with characteristic formations and a crystal clear lake the size of a soccer field, 80 meters deep, with galleries and huge stalactites up to 19 meters high.

Scuba diving reaches 18 meters but is a viable activity only for certified divers.

The Anhumas Abyss is the largest open-air diving cave in the world.

An unforgettable experience
Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas)

Ideal pass for all adventurers, and you don't need to know anything about rappelling for it, as you will be taught on the spot. And even if you have no practice at all, you can just be hoisted up and down the cave with the help of equipment. It's worth a try!

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Nearby attractions to enjoy in Bonito

Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is not only famous for its diving trips. There are other activitiesI also like the contemplation tours, which are also very successful.

So here are some tips.

Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

blue lake cave

This place is amazing.

Considered the postcard of Bonito, the cave that houses the blue lake, so beautiful with its stalactites and crystal clear water, has emerged. The clear, calm surface of the lake changes color as the sun shines.

Another interesting fact about this cave is that fossils of ancient mammals, such as saber-toothed tigers, have been found there.

Being a contemplative tour, the dive in the Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul) is forbidden.

Magnificent Underground River
Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

Be surprised by a 200-meter descent, with more than 300 steps, containing a beautiful lake with a blue tone that varies according to the incidence of sunlight inside the cave. The beauty of the lake and the cave are worth visiting and contemplating

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Buraco das Araras

macaw hole

Ecotourism lovers should spend a special time visiting the Buraco das Araras. The site is inserted in the private natural heritage reserve of the same name.

To get to this wonderful place, visitors must walk about one kilometer.

This attraction is great for the whole family and allows the macaws to show off their beauty in a flight very close to the tourists.

Excellent ecotourism option
Buraco das Araras

An incredible walk in the middle of nature, in an incredible geological formation, among the Brazilian fauna and flora. Besides observing nature, the macaws, and all the other animals that live there, you can also enjoy rappelling, an attraction for the adventurous!

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What is the best time to go cave diving in Bonito?

During the intense rainy season of December to Marchthe rivers and waterfalls are very full. However, due to the spawning season, there are fewer fish species.

This season's green expresses different shades. At JanuaryThe Blue Lake Grotto offers some of the most spectacular scenery of the year.

May to August are part of the dry season, with huge temperature variations between day and night. There is also the possibility of fires, although Bonito is an area where environmental education and conservation are important initiatives to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

On the other hand, it is an ideal time for diving activities.

It is advisable to plan a trip to Bonito/MS in advanceIt can be difficult to find vacancies at certain times of the year.

Those who do not want to miss the best tours can opt for a package vacation where everything is prepared in advance.

There is a lot for you to enjoy in Bonito!

If you are thrilled about the possibility of taking amazing diving trips in Bonito, just wait until you get to know the local cuisine.

Generally, exotic locations are known for their traditional and different cuisine. Besides the alligator meatfish, especially the pacu, are abundant in this region.

Jaracatiá, a typical fruit from the cerrado, is a traditional dessert in Bonito.

Another much-appreciated dessert is chipa, a cookie similar to cheese bread from Minas Gerais. The cookie can be served with a cup of coffee or tereré, an iced tea made from a mate.

Anyway, there are many wonderful things to do and see in Bonito.

Did you like our content? Then, take the opportunity to guarantee your chance to visit this paradise, booking your tours with Roteiro Bonito MS by WhatsApp or by e-mail. See you next time!


What is the best Bonito dive?

Among the best dives in Bonito/MS, we can highlight the Mysterious Lagoon, which is usually a favorite among tourists who are adept at this activity.

What is the best scuba diving in bonito?

The Anhumas Abyss is, for sure, one of the great highlights of the best Bonito/MS dives. Besides the activity itself, all the landscape surrounding the cave gives an extra attraction to divers.

How much does a dive in Bonito/MS cost?

The values vary according to the location/season of the year. The averages are: Lagoa Misteriosa: from R$ 440; Rio da Prata: from R$ 220; Nascente do Rio Formoso: from R$ 100; Gruta do Mimoso: from R$ 400; Abismo Anhumas: from R$ 1690.

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