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5-Day Pantanal Roadmap: How Many Days Needed to see Pantanal?

A 5-day itinerary in Pantanal is one of the most complete travel options in Brazil. After all, the Brazilian biome is the largest floodable area on the planet and has a unique biodiversity.

Located in the Midwest, in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, the destination concentrates on many breathtaking activities and tours.

No wonder they receive a large number of visitors every year, who want to venture into the region.

So, if you want the best tour tips and a complete travel itinerary, check out what Roteiro Bonito MS prepared!

5-day itinerary in Pantanal

Since Pantanal occupies the area of two states, an important tip is to go through only one of these territories: o Pantanal North or Pantanal South.

After all, traveling over too large a territory would bring too many downsides, reducing the time devoted to the tours themselves.

As 65% of the floodable territory is in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the tip is to head precisely for this southern part of Pantanal.

In this case, all you have to do is take a flight to Campo Grande International Airport, in the state capital, and then head for the cities in the Pantanal zone.

Anyway, checking in at your favorite hotel will be easy. The hard part is checking out because you won't want to leave Pantanal!

Shall we begin the tour?

1st day - to know the attractions of Corumbá

Source: José Eduardo Nucci (Flickr)

Due to a large number of attractions, the first and second day of the Pantanal trip itinerary can be dedicated to Corumbá. The city is a major tourist highlight, being known as the main pantanal city.

In addition, it is among the largest cities in the entire state, with an average of 110,000 inhabitants living there today.

Corumbá has a complete structure to receive visitors, with a very well-developed urban area, but with an emphasis on its activities in the Pantanal itself.

There are many inns, hotels, and farms distributed in the region, such as Fazenda São João and Pantanal Jungle Lodgethat receive a lot of visitors.

Corumbá is 426 km away from the state capital Campo Grande, with access via BR-262.

Besides this, it is located exactly on the border between Brazil and Bolivia, which is another highlight to be considered.

As for the rivers, the city is cut by the Miranda and Paraguay rivers, which are two beautiful alternatives for those who enjoy fishing.

No wonder the region receives many lovers of this activity, being the site of the Pantanal International Fishing Festival.

Horseback riding through the Pantanal territory

Ride through Pantanal
Source: Alexandre C. Marques (Flickr)

In Corumbá/MS, a ride that cannot be left out of the 5-day itinerary in Pantanal is horseback riding.

This is one of the most popular activities for those who travel to the region, offering a truly unique contact with nature.

The horseback riding have a very present cultural factor, making it possible to immerse oneself in the daily life of the peasants that live there. Besides this, it is a very efficient way to explore the territory, giving access to diverse places.

Night Focus

Night focus
Source: Mkt Ideiatours (Flickr)

Another activity that is well worth including on the first day of the itinerary is night focuswhich offers a very different exploration of the biome.

In this case, its great differential is that, because it takes place at night, it is possible to observe species that have nocturnal habits. Thus, the chances of finding an ocelot or even a jaguar are much more significant.

Another important factor is that the activity is carried out both on dry land, in cars or horses, and flooded areas, using boats.

Each of the two options offers its characteristics and encounters with different animals.

The night focus on water is ideal for observing alligators, which show up in large numbers during this period.

Day 2 - Travel the Pantanal Park Road and take a boat ride

The second day of the itinerary is also dedicated to Corumbá/MS, since it is the most complete city, so to speak.

Thus, the joining of the two full days makes accessing the tours much simpler, without wasting so much time moving from one city to another.

In addition, it is possible to enjoy the local cuisine from breakfast to dinner.

Pantanal Park Road

Pantanal Park Road
Source: Andrew Mercer (Flickr)

Although access to Corumbá today is paved, via BR-262, the city also has a historic road, which is known as Pantanal Park Road.

This is a very traditional route indeed, which offers a special adventure for visitors.

To have an idea, it is about 120 km long, in a very well preserved area, but also with many hotels and inns nearby.

As the initial purpose of the road construction was to enable continuous passage, even in rainy seasons, there are about 70 bridges scattered along the route.

The road trip reserves great chances of encountering beautiful animals, and of observing the native flora of the area.

Therefore, it is impossible not to include the activity in the 5-day itinerary in Pantanal, as it is among the most important in the region.

Boat ride on the Miranda River

Miranda River
Source: Johni (Flickr)

The Miranda River is an important course in the Pantanal area, offering many activities for visitors.

In this case, on the second day of the trip, it is worth taking a boat trip, with a calm exploration of the territory.

The most interesting thing about this option is that it reserves a complete observation of the banks and the surrounding riparian forest. Thus, many birds stay there, besides the activity of fish and other animals.

Day 3 - see the Serra da Bodoquena waterfalls

The most interesting point of doing a 5-day itinerary in Pantanal is that it is more than enough time to explore other riches of the region.

After all, in the surrounding area of the Pantanal, many other beautiful cities also have this culture.

This part of Mato Grosso do Sul is full of caves and rivers and consequently offers many waterfall and trail activities. Therefore, on the third day of the trip, it is interesting to go down to the city of Bodoquena/MS.

In this case, just leave Corumbá, head to Campo Grande, and enter through Miranda-MS. In Bodoquena, the major highlights are the Boca da Onça and the Serra da Bodoquena.

Serra da Bodoquena

bodoquena mountain waterfall

This is a very well preserved area of the state, within a national park, which offers direct contact with nature.

It all starts with a long trail, 2.5 km long, but with a low level of difficulty due to the few barriers encountered. There are 8 incredible waterfalls, 4 of which offer stops for bathing.

The route follows the ciliary forest near the Betione River, which is why there are so many waterfalls. At the end of the trail, you arrive at the local farm, where there is a full bathhouse.

A complex of stunning waterfalls
Serra da Bodoquena Waterfall

Don't miss the chance to visit this waterfall complex, with several magnificent guided trails and natural pools for you to bathe in and 'wash your soul'. In addition, there is also a delicious lunch with all the typical dishes of the Bonito region, so you can get into the local atmosphere!

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Boca da Onça

jaguar mouth

Another alternative, besides Serra da Bodoquena, is to get to know Boca da Onça waterfall.

This is the highest waterfall in the entire state, with more than 156 meters of height, offering a breathtaking view.

The ride there also involves a beautiful 4.5 km long trail. And on the way, there are 4 stops for bathing in other local waterfalls.

There, another eye-catching tour option is platform abseiling, which is simply the biggest in Brazil.

Beautiful springs and waterfalls
Waterfall Boca da Onça

The Boca da Onça waterfall is an attraction in itself, but it is not the only one available there. Marvel at the many nature trails, springs, and several other waterfalls that will amaze you, and for the more adventurous it is even possible to abseil down the waterfall!

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Day 4 - get to know the Bonito/MS rides

Taking advantage of the passage through Bodoquena/MS, and the extensive tour through Pantanal, the tip is to continue to the town of Bonito/MS.

After all, this is the capital of Brazilian ecotourism, and to come so close to the region and not stop by is practically a crime.

Joking aside, the territory is a paradise and is very close to the Pantanal, just a little further down from Bodoquena.

There, in addition to the trails and waterfalls, the highlights are the exploration of the caves, bathing in the resorts, and diving and floating tours in the rivers and lakes.

Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

blue lake cave

The Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul) is the great postcard of Bonito, and is truly a unique place to visit.

The cave's geological formations are beautiful, not to mention the access stairway and the small final trail that leads to the attraction.

However, the biggest highlight is the lake inside the cave, of impressive transparency and blue coloration.

For conservation reasons, it is not possible to enter the lake, and this is a contemplation tour only.

But because of the visuals, it is a stop that is on the list of virtually every visitor to the city.

Magnificent Underground River
Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

Be surprised by a 200-meter descent, with more than 300 steps, containing a beautiful lake with a blue tone that varies according to the incidence of sunlight inside the cave. The beauty of the lake and the cave are worth visiting and contemplating

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Sucuri River Float

sucuri river fluctuation

One activity that looks just like Bonito/MS is floating on the springs of the region's rivers and lakes.

This happens because the city's rivers have the characteristic of being very crystalline, ideal for this type of tour.

The very Sucuri Riverfor example, carries the title of the most transparent river in the entire Brazilian territory.

Flotation, for those who don't know, consists of actually floating, belly down, wearing a neoprene suit, snorkel, and mask, and observing everything at the bottom of the river.

Swim in crystal clear waters with few fish
Floating in the Sucuri River (Flutuação no Rio Sucuri)

The Sucuri River is not only one of the main rivers in the region but also one of the most sought after in the country. After a short trail through some crystal clear springs, you will arrive at the deck where the flotation on the Sucuri River will begin, very close to the fish!

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Day 5 - Walk through Miranda's Pantanal

Returning to Pantanal, it is worth dedicating the last day of the itinerary to the city of Miranda/MS. This is one of the most visited towns in the floodable territory and is next to the BR-262 highway.

As already mentioned, it is precisely through this that there is access to the cities of Bodoquena and Bonito.

So, after enjoying the two days of exploring the region, just head back to the BR again.

Miranda/MS is only 207 km from Campo Grande, making a quick return to the capital of the state of Mato Grosso possible.

Among its hotels and farms, one that usually receives many visitors is San Francisco Farmone of the most complete in the municipality.

The town is also cut by the Miranda River, and this is a perfect area for more Pantanal tours.

Piranha Fishing

Fisherman's Cabin
Source: paulo1ant (TripAdvisor)

Piranhas are a very common fish in Pantanal. Those passing through Miranda/MS can fish for piranhas or just relax by the river.

Fishing for these fish is very simple, with only one hook and baits made from red meat.

And the best of all is that after catching a few, you can enjoy a nice plate of fried piranhas. And, of course, you can also release the animals back into the river.

Photographic Safari

Pantanal Safari
Source: One more shot Rog (Flickr)

As a very common type of tour in the African savannahs, the photo safari is also part of the attractions of Pantanal.

In this case, visitors drive around an area of the territory in an open car, while observing the fauna and flora of the region.

The most interesting thing of all is that it is a very strenuous walk and one that brings amazing results.

After all, the area traveled is more extensive, and the main moments are recorded in photos.


A 5-day itinerary in the Pantanal is truly a unique adventure, and well worth doing. After all, the Pantanal biome has rich fauna and flora to enchant everyone.

The animals that inhabit the region, such as the red deer, alligators, ocelots, herons, owls, and the incredible jaguars, are without a doubt stunning species.

The contact with nature happens intensely, with numerous observation walks.

Furthermore, the proximity to other tourist cities, such as the eco-tourism capital, Bonito/MS, is another highlight to consider.

The good thing about taking a longer travel itinerary to the region is just that: being able to explore the surrounding areas in more depth.

In any case, those who travel to Pantanal find a unique destination, with attractions characteristic of the biome itself.

Did you like our content? Then, take the opportunity to guarantee your chance to visit this paradise, booking your tours with Roteiro Bonito MS by WhatsApp or by e-mail. See you next time!

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