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Boat Ride on the Formoso River (Passeio de Bote no Rio Formoso)

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The boat ride on the Formoso River is one of the most famous and peaceful trips in Bonito, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Those who are looking for a less radical activity can include a ride on the Formoso River in their travel itinerary.

Unlike rafting, the boat ride is calmer, taking a group of up to 12 people to brave the watercourse in a super-safe inflatable boat, accompanied by guides and paddlers.

The crystal clear waters of the most famous river in Bonito/MS attract tourists all year round, but it is good to know that the stretch where the boat ride on the Rio Formoso takes place is wider and deeper, giving the impression that it is less crystalline than the waters of the source.

However, this does not prevent the fun from being guaranteed and the contact with nature from being less enchanting.

This is because, when crossing the rapids and waterfalls of Formoso, visitors will have the opportunity to spot many species of animals, such as birds, monkeys, and even an anaconda taking its traditional sunbath.

Although it does not have the same adrenaline rush as rafting, the lighter version of the Rio Formoso tour provides a very adventurous experience in about an hour of activity.

For those who want to combine the boat ride on Formoso River with the attractions of a seaside resort, you can opt for Eco Park Porto da Ilha (Ilha do Padre, in the past), one of the tours Roteiro Bonito MS offers to travelers in its travel package.

At Eco Park, visitors are entitled to a river bath, sunbathing, and lunch, but it is important to confirm that the operator of the boat ride is Eco Park Porto da Ilha, because others operate the same service in Bonito/MS.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

How does the boat ride on the Formoso River happen in Bonito/MS?

As Roteiro Bonito MS works with the Eco Park Porto da Ilha boat tour, we will show you how the activity happens, from the reception to the final deck of the attraction. Check it out:

  • Present your voucher at the Eco Park Porto da Ilha reception desk. The team that organizes the groups will inform you about the logistics of the tour, the use of identification wristbands, and the vehicles that transport people to the boarding area.
  • Each boat allows a maximum of 11/12 people, but the groups that will go down the Rio Formoso can reach more than 100 people.
  • There is no need to worry about safety equipment, such as life jackets and helmets. Everything is organized by the monitors so that no one leaves without these items.
  • Equipment secured and information given, it is time to leave for Eco Park Porto da Ilha by some public transport (tourists who are by car can also go).
  • The monitors and rowers help organize the groups in their respective boats. Each person receives a paddle to help during the descent.
  • Visitors are also given information about the region, making the tour more intrusive and not just contemplative.
  • The boats traverse 6 km during the descent, taking passengers through rapids and waterfalls until they reach a quiet area.
  • Depending on the weather conditions, travelers can bathe in the Formoso River during the boat ride.
  • Anyway, everyone gets wet because of the water wars, a common game that happens between boats. Remember that there are groups of more than 100 people, so the fun is guaranteed!
  • Because of the rocking of the boat and the need to hold on to the sides, no cameras are allowed. Unless the visitor has a GoPro with a head or chest mount.
  • The endpoint is on the deck of the Eco Park Porto da Ilha, where everyone can enjoy the resort. Depending on the time, passengers can have lunch, if this is included in the tour.

From start to finish, this is one of the most amazing trips to take in Bonito, the city of ecotourism. Whether alone, with family, or with friends, this is an activity that cannot be left out of your travel itinerary, even for one day.

Why choose the boat tour on Formoso River?

Between one adventure and another in Bonito/MS, the boat ride on the Formoso River is one of the most traditional activities in the southern Mato Grosso town.

It is like going to Rio de Janeiro and not riding a cable car: a ride on an inflatable boat on the waters of the Formoso River is a must in any itinerary.

And, if you choose Eco Park Porto da Ilha, you can still enjoy the resort, which has everything for visitors to spend the day resting and enjoying the attractions.

You can bathe in the river, enjoy the natural pool, and have a delicious lunch with typical regional food. But remember to include the resort in your travel package, since only the boat ride does not guarantee lunch.

All in all, the attraction has everything to please nature lovers and show that we have many beauties in Brazil, which is rich in natural beauty and provides a great travel experience.

For sure, the boat ride through the waters of the Formoso River is a rich and unforgettable trip in Bonito. Just don't forget your bathing suit and sunscreen, since the whole trip is done under the sun, lasting almost 1 hour.

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Where is it?

One of the places to take the boat ride on the Formoso River is at Eco Park Porto da Ilha, in Park. Rodovia do Turismo, in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul.

How to get there?

At the Bonito/MS exit, turn left on Av. Brasil and follow the path where there is an indication for Balneário do Sol and Ilha Bonita. From here, go straight until you find the Eco Park indication.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or our WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!

Light clothing





Cash (extra consumption)


Cash (extra consumption)



Pay attention to these recommendations

Is 12 km from Bonito/MS

For children over 5 years old

Duration 1h

Is Security Certified by SGS ? Safety Management System

It is possible to schedule other tours at the same attraction, such as stand up paddle, duck and buoy cross

Transportation is not included

No supply of food

Not recommended to use camera (only if GoPro)

Not recommended for people with reduced mobility

No alcoholic beverages or people under the influence of drugs

It is also not allowed to enter with purses, bags, documents or sharp material



See the structure that the tour offers


Bathroom for wheelchair users

Baggage Locker



Rest Area

Smoking area



Volleyball area


Souvenir Shop



Included Items

These items are included


Life vest


Accident insurance

Day use at the resort


First Aid Supplies


High Season

Adults: R$165
Children: R$135

Low Season

Adults: R$150
Children: R$120

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Boat Ride on the Formoso River (Passeio de Bote no Rio Formoso)

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