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Adventure Route in Bonito (Rota Aventura em Bonito)

Tour Details

Rota Aventura in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, is a company that specializes in bike and trail rides in the city of ecotourism.

In all, there are four trail options that travelers can choose from, such as São Mateus Cave, Boiadeira, Ybirá Pe, and Sinhozinho.

All of them are guided by professional cyclo tourism instructors, who guarantee a bike ride with all the safety that the adventure requires.

This is a great way to enjoy nature, uncover caves, and cool off in rivers, such as the Mimoso River.

In addition, depending on the route chosen for the adventure, bike lovers in Bonito/MS can also enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddling, and slacklining. All this in the midst of nature.

It's guaranteed fun just a pedal away from paradise!

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

Rota Aventura: bike ride in the São Mateus Cave, in Mato Grosso do Sul

The São Mateus Cave is one of the essential stops for those visiting Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The cave covers 49 hectares of native forest, and its starting point is the Kadiwéu Museum.

The bike tour in Bonito/MS includes São Mateus as one of the Adventure Route trails, which is only 9 km long, with 4 km of road and 5 km of dirt.

Because it is an easy-to-access 3-hour trail, the tour does not require any special physical conditioning.

Rota Aventura: go biking along the cattle drover route

This is one of the lightest rides of the Adventure Route in Bonito, even though it is 9 km long (5 km of dirt), just like the São Mateus route.

But, unlike the ride to the cave, riding a bicycle through the Boiadeiro trail has a duration of only 1h30.

Despite the short time, it is enough to check out the natural obstacles along the way, such as rocks, erosions, and ? mud!

If your bike route falls on a rainy day, the Boiadeiro dirt trail will be muddy. In the non-rainy season, you will face a dusty stretch.

But cycling in the countryside of Bonito/MS is just like that, and those who venture out, fall in love!

Adventure Route: stop at Rio Formoso on the Ybirá Pe route

The Adventure Route in Bonito/MS guarantees a more intense ride on the Ybirá Pe trail, which is 18 km long, 12 of them on dirt.

For 3.5 hours, lovers of activities on two wheels will take the opportunity to be dazzled by the landscapes, among forests, gravel, climbs, and descents.

As this tour is a little longer, cyclists can stop at a place with good facilities for visitors.

Besides a bathroom, reception, and drinks, visitors can also take a bath in Formoso and practice some activities, such as standing up.

Adventure Route: 22 km of cycling on the Sinhozinho Chapel route

This is the longest trail of the Adventure Route in Bonito/MS, with 22 km, 18 km of which are on dirt roads. This is the Capela do Sinhozinho route, a name that refers to a historical character from Bonito.

During the 4-hour ride, the cyclists cross landscapes full of gravel and erosion, requiring ascents and descents to contemplate rivers and closed forests.

There is a stop at the Sinhozinho Chapel and the Mimoso River for people to cool off after many rides.

The feeling of safety and well-being, whether on land or road, is guaranteed on the bike trails of Bonito.

Where to eat on the Aventura Route in Bonito/MS?

After riding for a few hours on the Adventure Route trails in Bonito and swimming in the rivers, you will surely feel hungry.

The advantage of taking any route by bike is that there are many bars and restaurants along the way, with a good diversity of flavors.

After all, traveling to Bonito and not trying the regional gastronomy is like not including waterfalls in this Brazilian ecotourism itinerary, right?

The region specializes in alligator meat and piranha broth, and this menu is almost everywhere you eat in Bonito/MS.

Some of them are worth getting on your itinerary through the city, such as:

  • João's House
  • Varandas
  • Zapi Zen
  • Taboa Bar
  • The Alligator Meat King (O Rei da Carne de Jacaré)
  • Juanita
  • Pantanal Grill

The choice is yours, but all of them are excellent to savor, especially after the bike rides on the Adventure Route trails in Bonito.

Tours to combine with the Adventure Route

boa constrictor project

The perfect trip to get a close look at the non-poisonous snakes, such as the boa constrictor, to learn about the species, and even to pose for pictures.

beautiful bio park

A shelter for wild animals that can no longer return to the wild. Protection, conservation, and education about the environment in one place.

municipal spa of bonito

One of the most accessible tours in town, with a great infrastructure and good activities, such as volleyball, soccer, flotation, and diving.

bosque das águas bathhouse

An ideal tour for all ages, with 6 decks at different points on the river, a kids' area, and lots of activities on the banks of the Rio Formoso.

bonito natural aquarium

Underwater complex in the Baía Bonita reserve, with flotation in crystal-clear waters teeming with fish and a 500-meter trail through the forest.

Where is it?

Rota Aventura is located at Rua Filinto Müller, 803, in downtown Bonito, less than 1 km from Rua Cel. Pilad Rebuá and Praça da Liberdade, are strongholds of the city's best restaurants and bars.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!

Light clothing


Water bottle




Cereal bar or fruit

Photo Camera



Pay attention to these recommendations

Pay attention to these recommendations

Free for children 11 years and older

Duration: 1h30 for the Boiadeiro Trail and 4h for the Sinhozinho Trail

Trails with path between driveway and dirt



See the structure that the tour offers





Bath decks

Rest Areas

Bar and restaurant

Souvenir Shop





Cross buoy=


Stand Up Paddle


Pergolas and reserved bungalows

7 river access decks


Included Items

These items are included


Goggles and flashlight (at night)


Helmet with hygienic cap

Photo Stops


High Season

São Mateus Cave ? R$ 50
Cattleman ? R$ 90
Ybirá Pe ? R$ 140
Sinhozinho ? R$ 170

Low Season

São Mateus Cave ? R$ 50
Cattleman ? R$ 90
Ybirá Pe ? R$ 140
Sinhozinho ? R$ 170

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Adventure Route in Bonito (Rota Aventura em Bonito)


Excellent experience! The guide Allan was very attentive. The route is very smooth. Super indico!!!!

Mariana Fernanda


Sensational ride with the rota aventura team. Incredible place, it exceeded my expectations. Congratulations Alan and thanks for providing us with unforgettable moments.

Vanessa R.

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