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Things to do in Bonito: The 30 Best City Attractions and Activities

Want to know what to do in Bonitothe ecotourism paradise of Brazil? Just continue with us in this super practical guide for you to better organize your travel itinerary to Bonito.

First of all, you should know that this is one of the best destinations for tourism in Brazil. You will encounter crystal clear waters, exuberant waterfallsThere are also a lot of caves, exciting caves, jaw-dropping vegetation, and lots of wildlife.

In this sense, for lovers of nature and a good adventure, the Bonito region in Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the best travel experiences in Brazil.

That's why we, from Roteiro Bonito MS, have prepared this guide on what to do in Bonito, one of the most incredible places in Brazil. In all, there are 30 attractions for you to enjoy the city and fall in love with each tour.

Come with us, and on the way we'll show you everything!

What to do in Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul: 30 tours in Bonito/MS + unmissable tips!

First of all, you should know that Bonito has only become an ecotourism destination thanks to environmental preservation and safety protocols for the activities. After all, who doesn't like to visit a city so rich in fauna and flora and so well preserved?

By the way, one of these protocols includes a reduced number of visitors for each tour group. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of this place and Bonito remains beautiful all year round!

For you to enjoy it too, we made a list with 30 tours in Bonito in alphabetical order for you to choose which ones to add to your travel itinerary.

There are caves, floating, river baths, boat rides, contemplation - and all of this is clear and transparent water.

Let's go to the summary of the tours:

  1. Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas)
  2. Bonito Natural Aquarium
  3. Balneário do Sol
  4. Ilha Bonita
  5. Balneário Municipal de Bonito
  6. Balneário Nascente Azul
  7. Balneário Refúgio da Barra
  8. Barra do Sucuri
  9. Bio Park Bonito
  10. Boca da Onça
  11. Buoy Cross Bonito
  12. Bosque das Águas
  13. Buraco das Araras em Bonito
  14. Rio do Peixe Waterfalls
  15. Ceita Corê
  16. Eco Park Porto da Ilha
  17. Estância Mimosa
  18. Nascente Azul Float (Flutuação Nascente Azul)
  19. Floating in the Ecological Retreat Rio da Prata
  20. Floating in the Sucuri River (Flutuação no Rio Sucuri)
  21. Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)
  22. Mimoso Grotto (Gruta do Mimoso)
  23. St. Matthew's Grotto (Gruta São Mateus)
  24. São Miguel Grotto (Grutas de São Miguel)
  25. Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa)
  26. Diving Rio da Prata
  27. Waterfalls Park (Parque das Cachoeiras)
  28. Praia da Figueira
  29. Projeto Jibóia
  30. Serra da Bodoquena

Note: all these tours are paid, but there are also free tours in BonitoYou can also visit Liberdade Square and the Casa do Vidro (Glass House), which can help complement your itinerary!

1. Abyss Anhumas

anhumas abyss

This is not a tour for every pocket.

The Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas) is an adventure into a cave, 23 km from the center of Bonito/MS. It was discovered by a farmhand in the 1970s and has been open for tourism since 1999.

Initially, visitors need to go to the Anhumas Abyss Training Center the day before the tour to sign the terms of commitment and try on the Neoprene suit and the activity equipment (in case you have opted for flotation).

After this process, it's time to embark on the adventure that could be the most exciting of your life: descending 72m in height, contemplating one of the most beautiful limestone formations ever seen and a crystal clear lake!

Before the technique used for the descent and ascent in the Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas) was rappelling, which required a little physical effort.

Now the descents and ascents are made through an electric lifting system and require zero physical effort because they are small vertical technical chairs? similar to rappelling. Thus, the course time has been reduced.

When you start the tour, there is a narrow crevice that, in the course of the descent, gradually opens up. From then on you already have a breathtaking view of the limestone abysses and the crystal clear water.

An unforgettable experience
Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas)

Ideal pass for all adventurers, and you don't need to know anything about rappelling for it, as you will be taught on the spot. And even if you have no practice at all, you can just be hoisted up and down the cave with the help of equipment. It's worth a try!

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2. Natural Aquarium Bonito

bonito natural aquarium

The name Natural Aquarium Bonito (Aquário Natural Bonito) does justice to the place. Its location is Baía Bonita, a stunning ecological reserve, which houses the Aquário Natural water park, full of fish and crystalline waters.

Visitors encounter a surreal view of the landscape as they walk for more than 1000 meters through the riparian forest and the Floating in the Natural Aquarium.

When they reach Rio Formosinho and Rio Formoso, tourists can do zip-lining and contemplate the colorful underwater nature.

So, if you don't know what to do in Bonito/MS with kids, know that the flotation tour at the Natural Aquarium can be done year-round, but is free for little one's ages 8 to 12 during the off-season.

If you love floating, take these two tips here: don't use repellent or sunscreen while floating.

In addition, if your itinerary is short, try combining the tours at the Natural Aquarium with Eco Park, which you will see later in this article.

One of the most popular floats
Floating in the Natural Aquarium

The flotation in the Bonito Natural Aquarium is one of the most sought after by visitors because it is an activity at the source of the river. Before the float, you will receive all the necessary equipment and go through a training session with the instructor, so that everything goes well!

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3. Balneário do Sol

Balneário do Sol
Source: Douglas (Flickr)

If you still don't know what to do in Bonito/MS with kids, we recommend the Balneário do Sol (get to know).

The place has a rich structure to receive travelers, including kiosks, barbecue grills, a restaurant, a playground, and sports courts.

The diversity of fish is impressive. There, you can see the famous piraputanga, the symbol of Bonito, as well as curimbas and dourados.

Added to this, the scenic beauty of the resort invites many photos, even more, if accompanied by the animals of the region, such as monkeys and buffaloes.

Best of all, this tour is really for all ages and there is no exact time to visit.

To enjoy with the family
Balneário do Sol

Balneário do Sol was specially created for the fun of several families, all in contact with nature and enjoying the activities Balneário do Sol offers. Of course, all of its attractions offer fun for both groups and individuals, so you won't regret it!

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4. Balneário Ilha Bonita

beautiful island resort

Another Balneário to have something to do in Bonito with the kids. Ilha Bonita is very wooded and therefore very relaxing for the whole family.

Located on the banks of the Rio Formoso, this Balneário is the perfect opportunity to follow fish of various sizes that appear with the ring of a bell.

Besides this phenomenon, visitors can also count on a great local infrastructure, such as a restaurant, kiosks, volleyball court, five trampolines, two zip lines, besides trails, waterfalls, and a playground for children.

If you are still looking for where to stay in Bonito/MS, Ilha Bonita also offers to lodge. This way, you can wake up in the middle of nature to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this paradisiacal place.

Be amazed by the crystal clear waters
Balneário Ilha Bonita

Ilha Bonita is a beach resort located on the banks of the Formoso River and has become very popular due to its crystal clear waters and infrastructure designed to welcome tourists throughout the year. This makes it the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy a good rest with tranquility.

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5. Balneário Municipal de Bonito

Balneário Municipal de Bonito
Source: Angela Cardin (Flickr)

Another perfect place to visit, and even take the kids, is the Balneário Municipal de Bonito. Unlike the other tours in Bonito/MS, the Balneário Municipal allows the visit without a tour guide and with free duration.

Like Ilha Bonita, the Balneário of Bonito also encompasses the crystalline waters of Rio Formoso and has a good structure, such as restrooms, ice cream parlorrestaurant and sand volleyball court.

You can enjoy everything the resort has to offer for a whole day and afternoon, play with the kids, relax, and admire the fish.

And in case you don't know what to do in Bonito/MS on a 1 or 2-day itinerary, book at least the morning of the first day in this outdoor recreation area.

Breathtaking Water Attractions
Balneário Municipal de Bonito

The Balneário Municipal has a complete infrastructure, with places to swim and dive, restaurants, restrooms, and a parking lot. The breathtaking water tractions that the city offers (you can swim right next to the fishes) make this a trip that cannot be left out of your itinerary.

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6. Balneário Nascente Azul

blue spring bathhouse

The many attractions available at Balneário Nascente Azul draw a lot of attention from those who visit Bonito.

Among the attractions, there are beautiful landscapes with a great diversity of fish, birds, and plants that frame the paradisiacal scenery.

There is also an ecological swimming pool, beach with kiosk, and waterfall bathing at Capela Beach, where tourists can use the sun loungers, play zip line, and use the bar and restaurant services.

Perfect outing for the whole family
Balneário Nascente Azul

A perfect outing for the whole family, where you can enjoy several radical activities, as well as relax by sunbathing and enjoying the exuberant landscape. To complete the tour, also visit the extensive green area inhabited by birds!

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7. Balneário Refúgio da Barra

balneario refugio da barra

The Refúgio da Barra is an immersive tour through the natural beauty of Bonito/MS, where people can relax, recharge their batteries, and float.

It is possible to make a day-use in one of the most crystalline stretches of the Rio Formoso, with a more exclusive service, thanks to the limited number of visitors.

In all, two decks are sharing an area of 200 meters and a space designed to be accessible for those who has problems moving around.

In addition to the attractions of the tour, such as flotation and stand-up paddle for a stretch of 600 meters, there is also a restaurant with a delicious regional menu. It is worth including in your travel itinerary.

To dive into the waters of Rio Formoso
Balneário Refúgio da Barra

The resort allows you to enjoy a complete period of tranquility, contact with nature, relaxation, and family fun. It provides infrastructure so that all worries stay outside and you can dedicate yourself to enjoying your moment of plenitude and rest.

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8. Barra do Sucuri

Barra do Sucuri

A 1,300-meter boat ride takes visitors to the main deck to float on the Barra do Sucuriin its emerald green waters.

After all, this is the main activity to do in Bonito/MS when someone chooses Barra do Sucuri as one of the outings on vacation.

But, until you get there, you can admire the meeting of the Formoso and Sucuri rivers, in addition to the rich fauna and flora of Bonito/MS.

Just pay attention not to confuse the Barra do Sucuri with the Sucuri River tour (which we will learn more about later) since the latter includes the river's source.

There is no doubt that this is one of the city's best attractions.

Crystal Clear Water Tour
Barra do Sucuri

Barra do Sucuri is a float trip down one of the three most crystalline rivers on the planet and one of the most transparent rivers in Brazil.

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9. Bio Park Bonito

beautiful bio park

This is a great option if you are looking for something to do in Bonito other than diving.

The Bio Park is a specialized site in the wildlife refugewhose priority is the health and welfare of the animals that are protected there. They even accept donations over the internet to help feed the animals.

But the site also accepts visits through the 6 hectares of the ecological shelter, with a course of approximately 700 meters.

This allows you to learn a little more about the region's wildlife, making it an excellent outing with children, as they can learn about the importance of protecting and caring for the animals of Brazil.

Rich in fauna and flora
Bio Park Bonito

Bio Park Bonito is a shelter for the protection of wildlife. The shelter is open to visitors, combining conservation and environmental education in a single place

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10. Boca da Onça

jaguar mouth

The call Boca da Onça is a trail and waterfall ride located in the neighboring town of Bodoquena, Bonito/MS.

Although the name of this list is what to do in Bonito, it is impossible to think of this region without mentioning Bodoquena and its amazing waterfalls.

Well, in the waterfall Boca da Onça you have the opportunity to choose between two tour modalities: the Discovery trail or the Adventure trail.

In addition, the tour also features Brazil's longest rappel for the adventurous (it's not exactly inside Boca da Onça), and visitors even get breakfast and lunch. Get to know the modalities below:

  • Adventure Trail ? The visitor walks along a 4 km trail with 8 waterfalls, with 4 stops for bathing. In addition, during the walk, it is possible to be amazed by the rich fauna and flora of the Serra da Bodoquena region, and see the surreal scenery of Buraco dos Macacos.
  • Discovery Trail ? The ride starts with a lot of adrenaline since to access this paradise you have to go down a mountain range with steep points (only small and drawn vehicles can do it). A lot of emotion for those who seek true adventure tourism in Boca da Onça.

With so many attractions on the same tour, the tip is to dedicate an entire day to contemplating and enjoying the activities and the natural pools of Boca da Onça.

Beautiful springs and waterfalls
Waterfall Boca da Onça

The Boca da Onça waterfall is an attraction in itself, but it is not the only one available there. Marvel at the many nature trails, springs, and several other waterfalls that will amaze you, and for the more adventurous it is even possible to abseil down the waterfall!

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11. Cross buoy Bonito

boia cross on formoso river

Boia Cross is one of the extreme activities you can enjoy on vacation when you travel to Bonito MS, after floating, caves, and waterfalls.

You can perform this activity in 3 different locations, each with its characteristics.

The tours take place in the Rio Formoso Ecological Park, which is our main affluent in the region, but also in the Hotel Cabanas and in Eco Park Porto da Ilha, one of the tours offered by us, from Roteiro Bonito MS, which is an accredited agency for tourism in the region.

The attraction has several adventure activities, including the Boat ride, the Bike Boat, and the Stand-Up. In addition, individual floats make a 300-meter course, passing by rapids of the Formoso River and accompanied by two monitors per group.

Radical ride for the whole family
Boia Cross

The Boia Cross consists in going down the rapids and waterfalls of the Formoso River and can be done from 12 years old on. In other words, even though it is considered an extreme and super fun trip, it is perfect to be done by the whole family!

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12. Bosque das Águas

bosque das águas bathhouse

Think of a beach resort with six decks, strategic access to the Rio Formoso, and a kids' area. This is one of the places the kids love and goes by the name of Bosque das Águas.

With a rustic infrastructure, qualified staff in case of accidents, and nature all around, no one is left with nothing to do in Bonito/MS.

The Bosque das Águas is one of those places where the whole family enjoys contemplating the natural beauty, chatting, sunbathing, and eating their food made on the sidewalk grill. Isn't it great?

It is like having a day at the beach, but without the hustle and bustle of the big cities, since in Mato Grosso do Sul tourists can breathe the green of nature.

For those who enjoy ecotourism
Bosque das Águas

At Bosque das Águas you will have, without a doubt, contact with nature. You can dive into waterfalls, enjoy beautiful landscapes, and spend pleasant afternoons. In addition, the place is on the banks of the Formoso River, providing one of the most beautiful waterways you will ever see, surrounded by pulsating green vegetation!

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13. Buraco das Araras to Bonito

macaw hole

Don't like water and want activities other than diving? No problem.

The largest Dolina in South America is at Bonito/MS and goes by the name Buraco das Araras. The 100-meter-deep site is a true scarlet macaw shelter, a truly eye-catching beauty.

The scenario taken by the macaws enchants the tourists, who don't miss the chance to register the iconic moment.

Besides the birds that give the attraction its name, there are also other bird species for observation and photography. This is the case of the Laurel Woodpecker, the Red-bellied Surucuá, the Galician Parrot, the Clock Hawk, and the Pantanal Chough, just to name a few birds from Buraco das Araras.

In addition, tourists are invited to learn the "stories" of Seu Modesto, the man behind the "construction" of the Buraco das Araras.

Excellent ecotourism option
Buraco das Araras

An incredible walk in the middle of nature, in an incredible geological formation, among the Brazilian fauna and flora. Besides observing nature, the macaws, and all the other animals that live there, you can also enjoy rappelling, an attraction for the adventurous!

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14. Peixe River Waterfalls

fish river waterfalls

Swimming among fish and being surrounded by a paradisiacal scenario: who doesn't want to? On the Rio do Peixe Waterfallsit is possible!

As with many tours in Bonito, here you also have to walk through the riparian forest, the total distance being 2,000 meters.

There are seven stops for swimming, a trampoline, a jumping platform, waterfalls, and a zip line. You will hardly enter this place and leave without trying the zip line, right?

Very good and relaxing activities that come along with one of the best attractions of the place: the interaction with local animals, such as macaws and monkeys that live on the farm, where all tourists have lunch for free.

One of the most beautiful destinations
Rio do Peixe Waterfall

There are eleven incredible waterfalls to explore. Including the Cachoeira da Grutinha, where fish swim among the water visitors. In addition, this is also an experience for those who want to know more about the vegetation of the Serra da Bodoquena and the animals of the place, such as monkeys, toucans, and macaws.

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15. Ceita Corê

ceita corê farm

Speaking of farm, the Ceita Corê is a traditional ranch in the south of Mato Grosso for those who love very rural places and want to experience the pantanalian cuisine.

Visitors will face two stages of the Ceita Corê Trail and Waterfalls tour:

  • 1st Stage? A 2,000-meter (one-way) hike that takes the traveler over a path with boardwalks and swimming spots;
  • 2nd Stage? Getting to know a cave more than 100 meters deep and partially flooded by the Chapena River spring.

Besides the natural beauty, tourists are entitled to breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Is it or is it not one of the best tours to do in Bonito/MS?

Accommodation with several attractions
Ceita Corê Farm

Stay at an incredible farm, with a colonial breakfast and several magnificent attractions around. There are several crystal clear waterfalls right next door for you to jump in and refresh yourself. In addition, there are several other tours to get in touch with nature!

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16. Eco Park Porto da Ilha

eco park porto da ilha

An ecological park that kids will love! If you don't know what you can do in Bonito/MS with a child, take the little ones to Eco Park.

We have already mentioned here that Eco Park is one of the Bonito spots to offer Boia Cross, but also dinghy rides, kayaking, and stand-up paddle.

By the way, the greenish waters allow for a leisurely stand-up ride, as well as some jumping into the water via suspended walkways.

Besides this, the area is very wooded and you feel like spending the whole day bathing in the waterfalls. It is an experience that no one can fault.

Even with an instructor, if you have never used a kayak or a boat, don't make your itinerary based only on these tours. This is because those who are not used to them will find it difficult to control the two vehicles and will leave the place frustrated.

So set aside more travel days to learn and stay in control of the situation.

A ride with lots of water and plenty of adventure
Eco Park Porto da Ilha

The Eco Park offers several activities that put you in contact with the region's fauna and flora, while you have fun and refresh yourself in the waters of Rio Formoso. The rides can be taken by the whole family, including the elderly and children, with a lot of safety and relaxation.

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17. Estância Mimosa

mimosa resort

A very good trail to do in Bonito/MS is the Estância Mimosa. It begins on a farm in Mato Grosso do Sul and extends for more than 2,000 meters by boat.

The route passes 9 waterfalls suitable for bathing, a jumping platform, a natural pool, and viewpoints overlooking Serra da Bodoquena.

Since the tour is conducted with a guide, there is no risk of missing the attractions of Estância Mimosa, one of the most beautiful destinations when you go to Bonito.

Avoid going to Estância Mimosa during the rainy season (between December and March, precisely during the high season). During this time, the waters become more turbid, making it impossible to admire its crystal-clear, green look as usual.

However, the waterfalls gain prominence with the greater flow, and nature intensifies, becoming greener than at other times.

For those who want to get to know the fauna and flora
Estância Mimosa

Get in touch with that characteristic charm of farms that preserve the characteristics of the old headquarters, facing a lake and with a water spring inside the establishment. In addition, Estância Mimosa is the ideal setting for beautiful photo shoots!

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18. Float Nascente Azul

blue spring fluctuation

If river floating is what you want to do in Bonito/MS, another tour to include in your travel itinerary is the Nascente Azul Float (Flutuação Nascente Azul).

After enjoying the bathhouse and other float trips in the Mato Grosso do Sul region, it's time to float among the fish in the delicious blue waters, after a hike of more than 1,000 meters through the riparian forest and the Bacuri Forest.

This is about a half-hour hike but is rewarded by the views of the waterfalls, the fig grove, and the limestone tuffs.

Floating that can't miss in your itinerary
Floating Nascente Azul

The tour is done from the source of the Bonito River, through a trail of about 300 meters that takes you to the place to be equipped to perform the flotation. After the tour enjoys a delicious lunch and takes advantage of the structure of the Balneário Nascente Azul.

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19. Floating in the Ecological Retreat Rio da Prata

fluctuation recanto ecológico rio da prata

The Silver River is well known for being an ecological retreat, where you can also practice flotation, scuba diving, horseback riding, and bird watching.

Upon arrival at the reception, you receive all the necessary equipment to begin practicing the flotation on site, monitored by a guide.

To get to the Rio da Prata, you start a trail that takes about half an hour to reach the deck, where the flotation begins.

The source of the Olho d'Água River impresses with the quantity of fish and the crystalline waters are not far behind. The transparency is thanks to the limestone, very abundant in the region.

This is not one of the cheapest tours in Bonito (about R$ 300 for adults to practice the float), but it is still more affordable than the Anhumas Abyss.

But be warned: book your trip to Bonito in advance if you want to visit Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata, because it is very busy.

Also, book for the same day other nearby activities, such as the Buraco das Araras and the Mysterious Lagoon.

One of the most beautiful and famous walks in the region
Floating in the Rio da Prata

The Rio da Prata Flotation is one of the best attractions in the country. It received 5 stars in 2008 and 2009, a rare award that only few attractions have ever won. In addition, the program received the Traveller's Choice 2021 award, making this a ride you can't afford to miss!

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20. Floating in the Sucuri River

sucuri river

The Sucuri River is a postcard of the city and is also well known for its crystal clear waters. It is no wonder that the river has become world famous for being among the 10 most crystalline waters in the world.

The Sucuri River is perfect for the practice of floating, done with a small group, accompanied at all times by a boat guide.

For those who are just starting out, it is very nice, since even children as young as 4 years old can practice this activity.

In addition, you can go snorkeling and be dazzled by the beauty of the Sucuri River, which shows how spectacular nature can be.

At the end of the tour, the visitor returns to the reception and has the option to have lunch at the farm.

Swim in crystal clear waters with few fish
Floating in the Sucuri River (Flutuação no Rio Sucuri)

The Sucuri River is not only one of the main rivers in the region but also one of the most sought after in the country. After a short trail through some crystal clear springs, you will arrive at the deck where the flotation on the Sucuri River will begin, very close to the fish!

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21. Blue Lake Grotto

The biggest postcard in Bonito cannot be left out of your travel itinerary. A Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul) is one of the most famous Bonito/MS rides in the region and one of the city's main tourist attractions.

Although it is only a contemplative tour, visitors enter the Cave of the Blue Lake from 300 meters away, by means of a steep staircase with more than 250 steps.

Besides the admirable rock formations, the highlight of this attraction is admiring the blue waters, whose effect is given by the sunlight falling on the limestone at the bottom of the blue lake.

This is why they always mention the Blue Lake Grotto when someone looks for what to do in Bonito.

The scenery at the bottom of the cave, discovered in 1924 and protected by IPHAN (Institute for National Historic and Artistic Heritage), is too surreal until it became one of the first tourist attractions in the 1970s.

The Blue Lake is much more beautiful under the incidence of sunlight, however, it is precisely in the summer when it rains the most. The result? Besides the slippery stairs, there is the phenomenon called Piracema, which causes fish to move to the springs to spawn.

Let's face it, it's no fun diving in the waters without the fish to go with it, right? That's why it's best to visit Bonito in the low season if you want to enjoy this attraction.

Magnificent Underground River
Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul)

Be surprised by a 200-meter descent, with more than 300 steps, containing a beautiful lake with a blue tone that varies according to the incidence of sunlight inside the cave. The beauty of the lake and the cave are worth visiting and contemplating

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22. Mimoso Cave

mimoso cave

Different from the Cave of Lago Azul Mimoso Grotto (Gruta do Mimoso) allows not only to contemplate but also to dive in its waters with 70 meters of depth at some points.

As with other float trips, everyone must wear a special swimsuit (neoprene, vest, wetsuit, and snorkel gear) and wear a helmet when entering the cave.

Once inside, it is impossible not to admire the beauty of the salon, even more so when a flashlight is used to illuminate strategic points in the water.

A curiosity is that this trip to the Mimoso Cave It was closed for 15 years until it reopened. It might be a good idea to add it to your list of what to do in Bonito/MS before it is closed again.

To stay in touch with nature
Mimoso Grotto (Gruta do Mimoso)

A spectacular and breathtaking attraction, what is also very impressive is that after more than 15 years closed for visitation, the Mimoso Cave reopened to receive tourists in early 2022 and has been a complete success ever since.

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23. São Mateus Cave

são mateus grotto

Who says it is impossible to visit Bonito during the rainy season? Some tours may even be canceled due to thunderstorms, but light rain will not stop your adventure through an impressive cave.

The St. Matthew's Grotto (Gruta São Mateus) is part of the Bonito Cave Complex and occupies about 50 hectares of the site. To get there, you must walk along a 5-meter-high hanging trail, reach the woods, and continue the 320-meter trail to the cave entrance.

The starting point is the Kadiwéu Cultural Museum, which, although it is far from the cave, is often said that there is a museum in the cave since tourists begin their journey there.

One of the visitors' favorite activities is to take pictures of the animals found along the way and inside the cave.

There are also the famous geological formations, such as stalagmites and coralloids, of different colors and shapes, that line the cave perfectly.

Those who have seen the architectural beauty of the medieval gothic cathedrals, recognize the style shaped by nature - this is a good option of what to do in Bonito without diving

One of the most visited points
São Mateus Grotto (Gruta de São Mateus)

Its rock formation is reminiscent, in its exterior architecture, of the Gothic cathedrals of the medieval era. It is possible to go on guided hikes inside the mountain, walking along several underground trails that will take you from one side to the other. You can also take some great photos during the whole hike!

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24. Sao Miguel Caves


Another amazing cave to visit in Bonito even with rain is the St. Michael's Grotto (Gruta de São Miguel).

The reason for you to add it to your list of tours in the city is almost the same as São Mateus: it is part of the Cave Complex and has beautiful geological constructions.

The whole view from Sao Miguel Grotto is so fascinating that you feel like you are on a movie set!

It is like another world that you reach via a suspended walkway, using different starting points.

The advantage here is that this cave has the good external infrastructure and internal rooms for exploration.

A tip: include in your travel itinerary a trip to Blue Lake, as it is very close to São Miguel.

One of the most beautiful caves in Bonito
St. Michael's Grotto (Gruta de São Miguel)

The São Miguel Cave offers underground contemplative tours full of geological formations, mainly speleothems formed thousands of years ago. The tours start with the bridges that are suspended from the treetops. This is one of the closest tourist attractions in the city of Bonito

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25. Mysterious Lagoon

mysterious lagoon

The name is not for nothing. A Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa) has a great mystery surrounding its real depth. It is known, however, that it is more than 200 meters deep and that its waters are very crystalline.

There, tourists go snorkeling and diving and are enchanted by the mystery that hangs in the air and by the beauty inside and outside the Mysterious Lagoon.

But before you write this tour off as part of your itinerary, you should know that the Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa) is a great attraction only in the low season.

This is because, during the high season, which coincides with the summer and the rainy season, the attraction undergoes the phenomenon of algae proliferation. Furthermore, it is impossible to do flotation and diving in the Lagoa Misteriosa.

Therefore, think about the best time to travel to Bonito and which tours are best suited for each period, so you don't waste time.

Dive in a bottomless place
Floating in the Mysterious Lagoon

Have you ever thought of floating in a place where the depth is unknown? Well, that's exactly what the Mystery Lagoon is all about! There, besides floating, you can also dive and explore a little more of these mysterious waters. A trip for those with courage!

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26. Diving Rio da Prata

diving rio da prata bonito ms

Besides flotation, Recanto Ecológico Silver River also offers scuba diving in its clear waters.

As the city of Bonito is the main tourist destination in Mato Grosso do Sul and one of the main activities is to explore the rivers and lakes, the Rio da Prata guarantees the opportunity to dive and be enchanted by the variety of local fish.

Best of all, you don't need to know how to swim. There is training and a guide to ensure your safety during your aquatic adventure.

Therefore, be sure to include Rio da Prata diving and floating as one of the attractions of your trip.

One of the best dives
Diving Rio da Prata

This is a unique tour, where visitors can go scuba diving in the river, and observe the beauties that nature has to offer. The fascination comes precisely from the encounter with several shoals of fish that inhabit the place.

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27. Parque das Cachoeiras

waterfalls park

Caves, spas, rivers, and waterfalls? the city of Bonito is really surrounded by such natural beauty and tourist attractions that it is difficult to put together an itinerary for a few days.

But if your travel intention is to focus on places with waterfalls, don't ignore the Waterfalls Park (Parque das Cachoeiras).

In all, there are seven swimming spots, a wooden walkway with handrails (safer for children and the elderly), and contemplation of the region's fauna and flora.

Among the seven waterfalls, the last one is known as a meeting point for adventurers, because of a 7-meter high zip line to a pool. All of them are worth visiting but don't forget your bathing suit.

For lovers of waterfalls
Waterfalls Park (Parque das Cachoeiras)

It all starts with an ecological walk, which offers purification and connection with nature, which is very good for mental health. In all, the park has 7 waterfalls, meaning that you will have the opportunity to bathe in up to 7 different places!

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28. Praia da Figueira

figueira beach

You may not believe it, but Bonito has a beach too, and it is one of the most beautiful in Brazil!

The Praia da Figueira has fresh, blue, warm water all year round, and also has a lagoon with an incredible 60,000 m².

Visitors can swim side by side with the fish and even admire them from the top of the fig trees for a beautiful photo.

Besides all the convenience, such as kiosks and wi-fi, those who go to Bonito swimming in Praia da Figueira You can also practice radical activities, such as zip-lining and stand-up paddle.

Enjoy the fresh water beach
Praia da Figueira

A year-round destination for countless tourists, Praia da Figueira in Bonito is an artificial freshwater beach formed around a 60,000-meter-long crystal-clear lagoon. You may not be able to ride the waves, but you will enjoy the ride!

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29. Projeto Jibóia

boa constrictor project

For those seeking knowledge and a dose of adventure, it is worth checking out Projeto Jibóia.

The project consists of a lecture about the boa constrictor, to dissociate the idea of a dangerous snake, and also allows the visitor to get very close to the animal.

You can be brave enough to take pictures and show your adventures on social networks during your exploration of this wildlife.

Cool, isn't it?

A Walk for the Brave
Project boa constrictor

The idea of this program is to bring everyone a different experience, focused on environmental education about this species: the boa constrictor. In the project, several curiosities are presented, plus some tips about this species, and knowledge about the life of snakes. How about even putting a snake around your neck?

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30. Serra da Bodoquena

bodoquena mountain waterfall

The waterfalls Serra da Bodoquena, about 70 km from the center of Bonito, are a separate attraction on your trip to the natural paradise destination.

Located in the Serra da Bodoquena National Park, in an area with Atlantic Forest reserves and Pantanal, the waterfalls are easily accessible via a 2.5 km light trail.

Tourists are entitled to 8 stops for bathing in waterfalls, and also a boat ride on the Betione River.

The route is accompanied by a guide, including first aid and insurance in case of accidents, all to ensure maximum safety while you have fun.

If you love waterfall rides, don't miss this attraction in the Bonito region and enjoy every second of your trip in this splendid place, with ample infrastructure for tourism, ensuring much comfort and safety for your vacation.

A complex of stunning waterfalls
Serra da Bodoquena Waterfall

Don't miss the chance to visit this waterfall complex, with several magnificent guided trails and natural pools for you to bathe in and 'wash your soul'. In addition, there is also a delicious lunch with all the typical dishes of the Bonito region, so you can get into the local atmosphere!

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Attention: you may need a transfer from Campo Grande to Bonito

Bonito has varied and activity-filled tours for the whole family, but that is not enough for your travel itinerary.

The transportation used is also of great importance when deciding what to do in the city of Bonito since depending on how many days to stay in the regionIt is best to use faster transportation.

Public transportation is not an option, and taxis can be very expensive.

If you land at the Campo Grande Airport, the state capital, you can take the transfer Campo Grande to Bonito.

The transfer from Campo Grande to downtown can be done by van, bus, or minibus and the cost is low, especially if it is shared.

However, it is not enough to just arrive and ask for a transfer at Campo Grande Airport. It is necessary to book the tickets in advance to avoid having to pay for a cab.

If you intend to stay in Bonito for a long time, rent a car might be a good idea.

What to do in Bonito without diving?

Although a large part of the tours in Bonito involves diving, we know that some people are not very fond of water activities.

If you are in this group, you can enjoy zip-lining, rappelling, dry caves, farms with various activities, the Projeto Jibóia, the Bonito Aquarium, and the bathhouses.

However, if you like water, but don't want to dive, you can do float trips, visit the waterfalls, enjoy the rivers in the region, venture into the Boia Cross and visit the flooded caves of Bonito.

Did you like our tips on what to do in Bonito?

There are so many tours and activities in different places in Bonito that it is hard to know which ones to include in your travel itinerary, isn't it?

But by following our tips on fantastic places to visit, your days in this ecotourism paradise will be well spent.

Don't know how to book the tours? Talk to Roteiro Bonito MS today by email or WhatsApp and get ready to be enchanted by one of the best destinations in Brazil!


When not to go for Bonito?

Although Bonito has excellent sights and beauties to enjoy all year round, a bad time to travel is during the rainy season. The recommendation, therefore, is to avoid the months of December to March, when there is a higher incidence of storms, besides being high season, which increases the prices of tours.

What can't you miss in Bonito?

The rides to bathhouses, flooded caves, float trips, trails, and waterfalls are among the tours that tourists can't miss in Bonito.

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