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Best Tours in Bonito

The city of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil today. That's why the tours in Bonito attract more and more people interested in natural beauty.

Despite being located in the interior of the country, far from the busy coastal areas, the small town stands out for its natural attractions.

There are flooded and dry caves, lakes and crystalline water rivers, caves, spas, waterfalls, and several trails. For this reason, it can please the most varied types of visitors, offering diving activities, flotation, exploration, and contemplation of nature.

How are the tours in Bonito?

Despite the many options available for tours in Bonito, one factor that unites all these activities is the connection with nature.

There are waterfalls, rivers, grottos, caves, and trails that offer visitors an incredible, enchanting look.

Despite this, the city is very well equipped to receive tourists, and the tours mix this interaction with the safety of the activities.

This can be easily seen in the presence of electric abseiling to descend some caves, and artificial lighting in other caves.

Float trips in neoprene suits and scuba diving also demonstrate this preparation and the possibility of stand-up paddle and dinghy rides.

The variations in the degree of difficulty of the attractions are also a point to highlight, with alternatives ranging from easy to complex.

For this reason, the tours for those who will stay in Bonito for a few days, both in high season and low season, are generally characterized by offering a complete adventure, uniting the best of both worlds.

No wonder it is one of the busiest tourist cities in Brazil, bringing together thousands of visitors at all times of the year.

Tours in Bonito

After descending the cave with electric rappelling, it is possible to reach the crystal clear lake of the Anhumas Abyss, ideal for floating and diving. There are 72 meters to reach the lake, which is 80 meters deep.

The Natural Aquarium is one of the best float trips in Bonito, and is close to the city center. It is located in the Baía Bonita Ecological Reserve, and the transparency of the water impresses visitors.

Balneário do Sol is next to a stretch of the Rio Formoso, one of the best-known rivers in Bonito, and provides beautiful moments of leisure. It has many pools area as well as waterfalls nearby.

The great differential of Balneário Ilha Bonita is the spectacle of fish watching. In addition, the place enchants with its waterfalls, natural pools, and the green of the local forest.

For those who are looking for savings, the Balneário Municipal is the best tour option in Bonito. And the best of all is that the place offers plenty of leisure time on the waters of the Formoso River.

With water zip line and running waterfall options, Balneário Nascente Azul is another must-see tour in Bonito. The place is perfect for those who are looking for a lot of fun and leisure.

Refúgio da Barra is an area of direct contact with the natural beauty of Bonito, on a transparent stretch of the Formoso River. Simply not to be missed.

Barra do Rio Sucuri, which is the most transparent river in all of Brazil, impresses with its emerald green waters. For this reason, it is a perfect place for floating.

The Bio Park Bonito is a shelter for animals of the region's wildlife, with jaguars, birds, monkeys, and others that are no longer able to return to the wild. There is also a mini animal farm.

For those in search of beautiful trails in Bonito, the Boca da Onça is a perfect option. The tour has about 4.5 km of trails, following the Salobra River waterfalls and the Boca da Onça waterfall.

The Boia Cross Bonito is a unique adventure, in an ecological park, where visitors can travel across an extension of the Rio Formoso using only one buoy. Each person goes on an individual buoy, but with the accompaniment of the guides.

Bosque das Águas is a beach resort on the Formoso River and is only 7 km away from the center of Bonito. The privileged location and the beauty of its waters are important differentials of the place.

Buraco das Araras is a gigantic dolina, home to dozens of scarlet macaws and other bird species that live in the crater. This is a contemplative tour that enchants visitors.

The Rio do Peixe waterfalls call attention to their clear waters and also the large presence of fish. Great for taking beautiful pictures!

Ceita Corê Farm is an area that offers great hiking trails and waterfall options for visitors. The place brings a lot of traditional cultures, with a beautiful structure.

Eco Park Porto da Ilha is the oldest private bathhouse in the city of Bonito, which offers a magnificent structure. There are natural pools, waterfalls, and tranquil stretches for swimming in the Rio Formoso.

For those who are looking for a beautiful waterfall ride, Estância Mimosa is an ideal option. Another important attraction is the presence of Tony, a centennial alligator that lives on the site.

Nascente Azul is considered one of the best float options for Bonito, and has the differential of being performed at a high altitude. Thus, it allows a panoramic view of the Serra da Bodoquena National Park and the Bonito Mountain Range.

The Rio da Prata is one of the most famous rivers in Bonito, with crystal clear waters and high visibility, ideal for floating.

The Sucuri River, considered the "Brazilian Maldives", is one of the most transparent water locations in the world. Ideal for floating, fun for the whole family.

The Gruta do Lago Azul is the main postcard of Bonito and enchants visitors with its gigantic cave and its 90-meter blue water lake. The site was once home to extinct species.

The Mimoso Cave is a flooded cave with an incredible view. Its waters are perfect for snorkeling and floating.

The São Mateus Cave, or Catedral, is one of the three caves in the cave complex in Bonito. It is a dry cave, ideal for observing geological formations.

Being a dry cave, the São Miguel Caves allow a complete exploration of the halls, with direct observation of all the geological formations present. The site is one of the best structured in Bonito.

When it comes to freshwater diving, the Lagoa Misteriosa is the main attraction in Brazil. Although the real depth of the cave's lake is unknown, the deepest demarcated point is 220 meters.

Scuba diving in the Rio da Prata is a perfect exploration tour, in a place of crystal clear water, full of fish, submerged logs, and rock walls.

Located on the banks of the Mimoso River, Parque das Cachoeiras has several waterfalls and also a complete bathhouse.

Praia da Figueira is a floatation attraction in Rio Formoso, in a very crystalline stretch of the river, covering a stretch of about 1 km.

The boa constrictor project is a unique experience, where you can learn more about boa constrictors and overcome your fear of taking a selfie with a snake on your shoulders. The project headquarters is in the urban area of Bonito, making it easy to get to.

Located in the Serra da Bodoquena National Park, it is an area full of trails, natural pools, a leisure area with a spa, and brackish waterfalls, the famous Serra da Bodoquena waterfalls.

The best alternatives are the vans, which leave directly from the airport of the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. We recommend booking in advance by e-mail or WhatsApp with one of our specialists.

The Bonito Aquarium is the only permanent fish exhibit in Mato Grosso do Sul, located in downtown Bonito and one of the city's educational and recreational outings.

With 7 decks for swimming, a great infrastructure to spend the day, and many activities, Balneário Estrela do Formoso is a true piece of heaven in the middle of the ciliary forest, bathed by the crystalline waters of the Formoso River.

Fazenda San Francisco is one of the most popular farms in Pantanal to do a day use tour. Located in Pantanal in Miranda, San Francisco is a typical pantanalian farm, ideal for those who enjoy rural tours.

Scuba diving in Rio Formoso is a tour for those who want to dive in the most famous river in the city of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Rota Aventura in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, is a company that specializes in bike rides and trails in the city of ecotourism. In all, there are four trail options that travelers can choose from, such as São Mateus Cave, Boiadeira, Ybirá Pe, and Sinhozinho.

The Boiadeira Quad bike tour is a 4×4 quad bike tour along a route that was once used by cattle herds in the past. Because of this, the 8 km (round trip) trip through the riparian forest during rainy days is very exciting and challenging.

The boat ride on the Formoso River is one of the most famous and peaceful trips in Bonito, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Those who are looking for a less radical activity can include a ride on the Formoso River in their travel itinerary.

?? What is not to miss in Bonito (MS)?

One of the main characteristics of the city of Bonito is precisely its wide variety of tours and attractions.

However, the main category, which attracts most visitors to the town, is floating in the crystalline waters of the flooded caves and rivers in the region.

The presence of limestone and little clay helps to make the water clear and transparent, ideal for floating, with a huge degree of visibility.

In addition, another very important factor for tourism in Bonito is the dozens of trails and waterfalls that are spread throughout the region.

There are options of the most varied types, sizes, and formats, attracting visitors in both high and low seasons.

In all, Bonito has about 30 tour options, with alternatives for all tastes. The beach resorts, usually built on the banks of the Formoso River, one of the most famous in the region, are also great tour options.

In other words, there is plenty to do in Bonito just plan and enjoy every adventure.

How much do the tours cost in Bonito?

The tours in Bonito (MS) draw attention to being very diverse, and this reflects also the values of these activities.

A first point to consider is that the prices of each tour usually vary depending on the season.

The activities, besides being for all tastes, are also for all budgets. After all, there is everything from free to tours that cost more than R$ 1,500 per person.

Besides the season itself, other factors that also interfere with prices are the high demand/low availability of vacancies and the need for special equipment, such as dives.

An alternative economy, is to opt for closed travel packages.

Which tours to do in the same day in Bonito?

With so many places to visit, the best option for those visiting Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is to try to make the most of the day.

Unfortunately, some attractions are a little far from the city center, which makes it difficult to do a round trip. Even so, some tours are closer to each other, and it is worth using this proximity to enjoy the trip.

One tip, for example, is to take a day to visit the Blue Lake Grotto and the Anhumas Abyss. These are two of the main sights of Bonito and are within minutes of each other in the same cave complex.

Another day can be dedicated to enjoying the Sucuri River Flotation and the Estância Mimosa, which are also nearby tours.

In the urban region, in the central area of the city, there are some tours, such as the Projeto Jibóia, that operate during the night. Therefore, it is a perfect complement to another day of attractions, such as the visit to the Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lake), one of the main postcards of Bonito.


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