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When to Visit Pantanal: See When It's Best To Go

Knowing the best time to go to Pantanal is a fundamental question when planning a trip to the region.

After all, throughout the year, the Pantanal landscape changes considerably, bringing different characteristics and attractions.

In general, it is the rainfall that dictates the transformations in its territory, bringing differentials in each season of the year.

So, if you want to know when it is most worthwhile to travel through Pantanal, follow the content that the Roteiro Bonito MS agency has prepared!

Getting to know the climate of the Brazilian Pantanal

Source: Stephen Bartels (Flickr)

To understand what is the best time to go to Pantanal, it is important to know a little more about how the region works, as well as where Pantanal is located.

This is the largest floodplain on the entire planet, even though it is the smallest biome in Brazil. It is present in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as in Bolivia and Paraguay, and is considered a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The place enchants with its rich biodiversityIn the flood season, about 80% of its entire territory is flooded.

The contact with nature that Pantanal provides is unique, allowing encounters with caimans, jaguars, water birds, macaws, capybaras, and the majestic jaguar.

Whether in Pantanal South or Pantanal North, the flow of visitors happens all year round, pleasing the most varied types of tourists. And this flow goes mainly to cities such as Miranda/MSAquidauana/MS, Cáceres/MT and Corumbá/MS.

As for the region's climate, it has very well-defined seasons, but they follow their pattern.

Pantanal Stations

The best time to go to Pantanal will depend directly on how the territory will be at each time of year.

In this context, in the Pantanal region, the standard division of seasons is not common: summer, spring, winter, and summer. This is because they define themselves depending on the presence or absence of rain, which are the ones that command its climate.

Therefore, the known stations are of waters, ebb tide, drought and floodeach of them with its own characteristics.

Water Station

This is the period between the months of January to MarchIt is characterized by the peak of water accumulation.

At this time of the year, the rains are intense and join with the accumulation of the previous months, flooding 80% of the territory. Therefore, it is truly a moment of contemplation, which is impressive because of the large amount of water.

Ebb and flow season

Enter April and June The rains slow down and the waters begin to flow through the streams and rivers of the Pantanal. Here, lakes form and the fish begin to show themselves even more active.

Not by chance, the month of April is the most indicated for who is in search of sport fishing.

Dry Season

Finally, between July and OctoberPantanal is going through a dry period, where the waters are already drained, and the ground is firmer in many regions.

This is an appropriate time for commuting, which becomes much easier between cities.

Exploring the territory also becomes much simpler, with many options for tours.

Flood season

In the months of November and Decemberthe rains return to the region, but without completely flooding the territory. After all, the previous periods were dry, and water is slowly beginning to accumulate.

As mentioned, it is only between January and March that everything becomes a swamp.

What is the best time to go to Pantanal?

Source: reisezeiten2 (Flickr)

Now that you understand how the climate in the Pantanal, which is divided into North and South, works, it is much easier to choose the ideal time to visit.

In any case, it is worth remembering that throughout the year Pantanal receives visitors since it all depends on people's tastes and purpose.

Those who want to observe the territory completely flooded, for example, should go in January, February, or March, which is when the rains are heaviest.

However, the best time to visit Pantanal is really between July and Octoberwhich is the dry season. This is the peak season in the region, and it is due to several reasons.

One of them is the very fact of locomotion since the dry weather makes it easier to move from one point to another. And this is true both to be able to reach the farms in the Pantanal, as well as to be able to make more options for rides on Pantanal.

Photographic safaris, horseback riding, night photography, and bird watching are some of the benefits that are present more intensely at this time of year.

Fishing is also a strong point during these dry months, although March and April are the most suitable months for those looking for sport fishing.

Thus, regardless of the period chosen, the Pantanal region offers a unique trip.

Its rich ecosystem of fauna and flora, as well as its stunning features and tours, guarantee one of the best adventures in the entire world.

Have you decided when to meet the Pantanal?

Fishing Pantanal
Source: Ricardo (Flickr)

A trip to the Pantanal holds a unique adventure, regardless of the chosen period of the year. After all, the region is unparalleled and offers an integration with the environment.

The Pantanal tours involve a lot of observation of the territory, but at the same time go far beyond that.

This is the case, for example, with the horseback rides, which allow for an immersion in the day-to-day life of the local cowboys, and with the cattlemen in the old days.

Not surprisingly, they are among the most popular activities among visitors, extending also to the neighboring regions.

In Bonito/MS, which is 100 km from Pantanal and about 300 km from Campo Grande, horseback riding is very common. And this shows how the Pantanal climate takes over this part of the Brazilian Midwest.

That is why, just as interesting as getting to know other countries, is traveling to the Pantanal zone in Brazil!

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