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Where to Stay in Bonito Brazil: The 20 Best Hotels and Inns in the Region

Know where to stay in Bonito is important to understand the travel you will need to do to enjoy the tours in the city.

This is because most of attractions and tours from Bonito/MS is in the countryside, where there are waterfalls, caves, and lakes to explore.

But some of the best inns in Bonito are concentrated in the center of town, which is precisely where the vans, bars, restaurants, and tourist agencies are located.

For those who have a car, the number of lodgings in Bonito increases, since the tourist can stay in the rural area and be close to nature. Then, all you have to do is go to the center to have access to commerce.

So when it comes to knowing where to stay in Bonito, it is important to take into account whether you are traveling by car or without a car for commuting.

In this sense, we have prepared this post with the best hotel and hostel accommodations in Bonito for you to enjoy your destination in the best possible way.

Come with us!

Where to stay in Bonito? Best hotels and hostels for lodging in Bonito/MS

Bonito is a city in Mato Grosso do Sul, 300 km from its capital, Campo Grande. The region is privileged with its vast nature, so perfect for those who love to do ecotourism in Brazil.

But, to enjoy it without suffering from the commute, we have made a separate list of the best Bonito inns (and hotels too) for both those traveling by car and those without a vehicle.

A reminder: those who travel by car can host in the rural area of Bonito/MSFor those traveling without a car, the best option is to stay in the center, such as Praça da Liberdade, Avenida Coronel Pilad Rebuá, and also between Rua Pedro Álvares Cabral and Nelson Felício dos Santos.

Knowing this, let's go to the list!

Where to stay in Bonito Brazil: Best centrally located hotels and hostels in Bonito

1. Pousada Girassol, one of the best pousadas in Bonito/MS

Girassol Inn
Source: Pousada Girassol (TripAdvisor)

If you don't intend to travel by car and want to save on lodging to enjoy the tours, you might like Girassol Innlocated in the center of Bonito.

The guesthouse is simple but has charming accommodations in a setting with gardens and an outdoor pool. There is also a delicious breakfast buffet and many amenities for your stay.

One advantage for those who are visiting the city to enjoy ecotourism is that this inn is part of the Sustainable Travel program. But you can check that many inns in Bonito are part of this program.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Senador Felinto Muller, S/N - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 691

2. Pousada Surucuá

One of the best value-for-money hostels in Bonito/MS is the Pousada Surucuá700 meters from the center.

It has lots of greenery, an outdoor pool, a hammock area, comfortable rooms, and an excellent breakfast that no one can fault.

Close by you will find the Balneário do Sola tourist complex perfect for all families, and the Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas)for the adventurous on duty.

Still in doubt about where to stay in Bonito? Go for the Pousada Surucuá!

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Bongiovani, 860 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 520

3. Pousada Arte da Natureza

Art of Nature Inn
Source: Art of Nature Inn (TripAdvisor)

Who stays at Art of Nature Inn you won't regret it. The place is very elegant, with a vast leisure area, three outdoor pools, and artificial waterfalls.

The decoration and the care do justice to the inn's name, which combines very well the elements of nature with modernity.

For guest convenience, there are whirlpool bathtubs and rooms with a private pool on the balcony. It's no wonder that this is one of the most sought-after inns in the center.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Santana do Paraíso, 1027 - Bonito
  • Average price: to consult

4. Pousada Muito Bonito

Located on the main street in downtown Bonito, the Pousada Muito Bonito lives up to its name. With a family atmosphere and rustic decoration, the property has an excellent breakfast, swimming pool, and large rooms.

The best of all is that besides being very close to bars and restaurants, Pousada Muito Bonito is also very cheap.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Av. Coronel Pilad Rebuá, 1444 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 270

5. Pousada Papaya, one of the best budget hostels in Bonito

Pousada Papaya
Source: Pousada Papaya (TripAdvisor)

Looking for a cheap, simple, cozy hostel, but don't know where to stay in Bonito? You found it at Pousada PapayaThis is one of the best budget accommodations in the city center.

Despite all the simplicity, the beds are very comfortable, there is an outdoor pool and a shared lounge.

It is an excellent option for those who are going to make an itinerary from 1 to 3 days in Bonito and does not mind luxury. Even more so if the tourist spends the whole day on the tours in the rural area.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Vicente Jacques, 1868 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 194

6. Hotel da Praça, one of the hotels and inns that offer spectacular breakfast

Among our lodging tips in the center we could not leave out a sophisticated option close to Liberdade Square: Hotel da Praça.

In addition to an extensive swimming pool with bar service, the Hotel da Praça also offers a wonderful breakfast, hot tub, and very comfortable rooms.

You can stay and still enjoy the activities close to the hotel, such as bike trails and the Bonito Natural Aquarium.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Av. Coronel Pilad Rebuá, 2084 - Bonito
  • Average price: to consult

7. Marruá Hotel

Hotel Marruá
Source: Hotel Marruá (TripAdvisor)

The excellent structure of Hotel Marruá attracts tourists from all over Brazil and is perfect for those who don't know where to stay in Bonito/MS.

There are spacious rooms, an outdoor pool, hot tub options, and a delicious breakfast.

Besides that, Hotel Marruá still surprises its clients with many activities, such as the kid's space, zen space, massage and games room, and a convenience store. Ah, and the reception is a spectacle, with ample space and refinement for you.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Joana Sorta, 1173 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 345

8. Wetiga Hotel

Imagine sipping a cocktail by a swimming pool in the middle of a beautiful garden, while an artificial waterfall cascades over the water? This is the scenery at sophisticated Hotel WetigaIt is located near the Liberdade Square.

For those who always expect the best, the rooms are large and nicely decorated, and there are bar services at the pool and whirlpool bathtub options.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Av. Coronel Pilad Rebuá, 679 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 473

9. VOA Hotel Paraíso das Águas

VOA Hotel Paraíseo das Águas
Source: VOA Hotel Paraíso das Águas (TripAdvisor)

Another on the list of cost-effective hotels and inns is the VOA Hotel Paraíso das Águasalso in the city center.

The brightly colored rooms and works of art call attention, but nothing attracts more attention than the unusual shape of the pool: the piraputanga fish, the symbol of Bonito.

Among so many amenities, the local service and cleanliness also stand out. And all this near the city's famous postcard: the Blue Lake Grotto (Gruta do Lago Azul).

  • Where is it in Bonito: Av. Coronel Pilad Rebua, 1884 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 326

10. Hotel Pirá Miúna

Among the tips for where to stay in Bonito with attractive prices, the Hotel Pirá Miúna is also on our list of the best hotels in town.

The leisure area has a swimming pool, wooden deck, bar service, barbecue grill, and a hot tub.

Nearby are cafes and restaurants, as well as some tourist attractions, such as the Balneário do Sol and the Rio Formoso Ecological Park.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Luís da Costa Leite, 1792 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 249

11. Pousada Rancho Jarinu

Rancho Jarinu Inn
Source: Pousada Rancho Jarinu (TripAdvisor)

A nice place, framed by beautiful coconut trees and rustic objects, good prices, plus an outdoor pool. This is Jarinu RanchBonito, is one of the most cost-effective hostels in Bonito, 7 km from the Natural Aquarium.

In addition to the amenities offered, including terrace, balcony, air-conditioning, and wi-fi, this 3-star Inn guarantees excellent service from the staff.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua 24 de Fevereiro, 1895 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 313

12. Bonito HI Hostel

Those who travel on their own and think they have no place to stay in Bonito/MS at good prices are not familiar with Bonito HI Hostel.

Hostels are known for their shared rooms, ideal for those who do not mind sharing the same dormitory. It is perfect for those traveling alone and likes to socialize with people.

But if you planned a trip for two and want to know the HI Hostel, they also offer private rooms with bathroom.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Doutor Pires, 850 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 137

13. Chalé do Bosque

Chalé do Bosque Inn

Those looking for a quiet atmosphere outside the center, but still not sure where to stay in Bonito, have a great option high up on the hill: Chalé do Bosque.

The site, a 5-minute drive from the center, has all the look and feel of refuge amidst the stunning greenery of Bonito.

The chalets are individual, made of stones, ensuring more privacy for your guests, even more, if it is a trip for two.

It is worthwhile to get a little out of the traditional and take refuge in the woods.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Lício Borralho, 100 - Bonito
  • Average price: to consult

14. Pousada Cambará

The Pousada Cambará is a great economical option for lodging in Bonito, especially if you are planning a 7-day tour in the region.

It is close to many attractions, such as Tarumã Park and the Balneário Ilha Bonitaand also of natural beauty, such as Rio Formoso, where you can do Boia Cross.

A cheap place to stay, with helpful staff and a nice breakfast buffet, is well worth it.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua 24 de Fevereiro, 2065 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 189

15. CLH Suites Bonito Downtown

CLH Suites Bonito Downtown
Source: CLH Suites Bonito Centro (TripAdvisor)

Those looking for a cost-effective place to stay in Bonito have a few inexpensive options available. One of them is the CLH Suites Bonitoof the same group as Che Lagarto hostel.

CLH has basic apartments, with swimming pools for adults and children, and a reception agency in the lobby.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rua Luís da Costa Leite, 2083 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 163

Where to stay in Bonito Brazil: Best hotels and hostels in rural Bonito

For tourists who prefer to have direct contact with nature and don't mind staying away from the center, there are good options in the middle of the green.

Don't forget to use your car or rent a vehicle to get around. See some tips for lodging in the countryside below.

16. Pousada Boyrá

Located on the old Bonito-Guia Lopes highway, the Pousada Boyrá has an exuberant panoramic view of nature, on the banks of the Formoso River.

With wooden decks, an outdoor pool, and many amenities, there are also many free activities at Pousada Boyrá, like hiking trailsThere are also kayak and stand-up paddle board rentals. There are also kayak and stand-up paddle board rentals.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rodovia MS 178, Km 17 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 665

17. Santa Esmeralda Hotel

Hotel Santa Esmeralda
Source: Hotel Santa Esmeralda (TripAdvisor)

Another amazing space to rest and enjoy the green areas of Bonito is at Hotel Santa Esmeralda17 km from the center.

The place has access to Rio Formoso and offers indispensable activities, such as waterfall bathing and flotation.

The suites are spacious and perfect for accommodating families with maximum comfort. It's worth including in your list of where to stay in Bonito.

  • Where is Bonito: Rodovia Bonito Guia Lopes, Km 17
  • Average price: R$ 942

18. Cabanas Hotel

Hotel Cabanas
Source: Hotel Cabanas (TripAdvisor)

The name is not by chance: the hotel has accommodation in cabins, with rustic decoration and an ideal setting for families with children.

Separately, guests and non-guests of the Cabanas Hotel can enjoy activities, like tree climbingfloating, boia cross and scuba diving.

There is also swimming in the Formoso and Formosinho rivers, trails, and waterfalls, all in nature. Those who don't want to stay in the cabins (suspended wooden bungalows) can stay in one of the apartment blocks.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rodovia MS 382, KM 6
  • Average price: R$ 621

19. Zagaia Eco Resort

Zagaia Eco Resort
Source: Zagaia Eco Resort (TripAdvisor)

For those who prefer to stay in resorts, one of the best - and only - options of where to stay in Bonito are at Zagaia Eco Resort.

The attraction has pools, a gym, sports courts, a sauna, a game room, and restaurants in a large area of the Zagaia Eco Resort.

Besides all these activities, the space also guarantees breakfast and dinner as options included in the daily rate.

  • Where is it in Bonito: Rodovia Três Morros, Km 0 - Bonito
  • Average price: R$ 1,056

20. Pousada Di Luna

Pousada Di Luna
Source: Andréia D (TripAdvisor)

How about a rest from trip to Bonito in charming chalets from Pousada Di Luna ?

Surrounded by the city's rich fauna and flora, Pousada Di Luna offers the comfort of being in a rustic, clean, and very well-organized place.

The property is an excellent opportunity to glimpse the hilltop landscape, fruit trees, and wildlife.

Among the hotels and inns to stay in Bonito, the Di Luna is ideal for those who want to get away from the center and enjoy nature close by.

  • Where is Bonito: Bonito-Bodoquena Highway, KM 2
  • Average price: R$ 700

Where to stay in Bonito according to your profile?

  • Budget hotels and inns: CLH Suites, Pousada Cambará, Papaya and Hotel Pirá Miúna;
  • Hostels, for those who want to be shared or private room options: HI Hostel;
  • Complete hotel for families and children: Zagaia Eco Resort;
  • Exquisite hotels by the river: Hotel Santa Esmeralda and Pousada Boyrá;
  • Hotel for couples, in the city, but in the middle of a green area: Chalé do Bosque;
  • Hotels with good value for money: Pousada Arte da Natureza and Wetiga Hotel.

Already know where to stay in Bonito?

Bonito offers many choices of places to stay.

But one thing is certain: those who visit Bonito are looking for contact with the natural beauty, and want to rest in the crystal clear waters of the Waterfalls Park (Parque das Cachoeiras) and have fun with the kids on the zip line, snorkeling, and sand soccer.

Therefore, whether in a city hotel or in nature, it is worth choosing the best lodging in Bonito and ensuring a good trip to this destination full of unforgettable tours.

Did you like our tips for hotels and inns in Bonito? Book your tours with Roteiro Bonito MS today, by email or WhatsApp, and come see this paradise!


Where is the best place to stay in Bonito?

The best place to stay in Bonito will depend on how much you are willing to pay and on your travel itinerary. The best place to stay in Bonito will depend on how much you are willing to pay and on your travel itinerary.

Where to stay in Bonito with luxury?

Although you will spend more time doing leisure activities, those who want luxury lodging have some options, such as Hotel Marruá, Pousada Boyrá, Santa Esmeralda Hotel, and Zagaia Eco Resort.

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