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Bosque das Águas

Tour Details

The Bosque das Águas is a strategically accessible Balneário, located on the banks of the Rio Formoso, the most popular Bonito river in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The place has six decks at different points of the river, some of them with a kids area, meaning there is no age restriction, but you have to be careful with other higher points of the place.

Because its decks have an independent structure (one of them even has a view of a waterfall), many people do not fail to visit this part of Bonito, because they know they will have comfort and privacy.

In addition, on the banks of the Formoso River, the Balneário Bosque das Águas in Bonito/MS stands out for its rustic infrastructure with a wooden walkway, guaranteeing access to the Formoso River.

Balneário Bosque das Águas also has a qualified team to attend to tourists in case of accident or drowning, not to mention that visitors have access to life jackets.

The place has everything for the traveler to spend his vacation in a region that exudes nature, charm, and safety. In addition to this, the Balneário Bosque das Águas also offers convenience to those who visit this tourist spot.

Visitors have access to a kiosk with a barbecue grill, charcoal, ice, and drinks, but first, it is necessary to check with the reception.


?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? Free activities, such as sand soccer, on the banks of the Rio Formoso

Those who, since childhood, have been used to going to beaches, bringing food, and spending a whole day enjoying the sun, will be able to do all this in a beautiful forest, but with one advantage: spending the whole day in a preserved place, without the hustle and bustle of the beach.

This is the irresistible proposal of Balneário Bosque das Águas in the city of Bonito/MS, a true Brazilian ecological paradise.

The tour has great infrastructure for you to bring food, prepare your own barbecue, chat with friends and family, swim in the river, contemplate nature, and live a unique experience.

Best of all, there is safety and privacy during the tour, whether you are traveling alone, in a group, or with children.

In addition, the Balneário Bosque das Águas has the perfect environment for nature, ecotourism, and environmental preservation lovers. After all, who doesn't like to breathe fresh air, right?

Rules for visiting Balneário Bosque das Águas, in Rio Formoso

Since it is a preserved region and a travel itinerary for those who enjoy ecotourism in Brazil, Balneário Bosque das Águas has rules for its good operation.

Therefore, on the Bosque das Águas tour it is forbidden:

  • Throwing trash in the woods, in the river, or on the ground;
  • Swim down the waterfall or use floating objects;
  • Children unaccompanied by parents and without life jackets;
  • Loud sound;
  • Use the decks that belong to the other side of the river, as they are the property of the Hotel
  • Cabins;
  • Jumping over/under the fence in the kids' area, deck table, or handrail;
  • Make use of glass bottles or any sharp object;
  • Smoking Shisha;
  • Buoys and inflatable mattresses;
  • Enter Bosque das Águas with barbecues or gingiskans;
  • Remove the buoy from the rescue site.

Note: the attractions in Balneário Bosque das Águas are interrupted in case of heavy rain that compromises everyone's safety and the quality of the services.

Tours to go with Bosque das Águas

são mateus grotto

A cave with a must-see attraction - the Kadiwéu museum and its objects and old cars that tell the story of Bonito/MS.

sun bathhouse

A giant underwater complex and one of the most amazing places to float with people of all ages.

sun bathhouse

A resort full of activities for children and adults, with the possibility of taking pictures of wild animals and getting to know its variety of fish, such as the famous piraputanga.

mimoso cave

You can make 3 types of visits to the Mimoso Cave: contemplative, floating, and diving.

ceita corê farm

Farm with traditional architecture, surrounded by limestone lakes that come from the Chapena River, of incredible beauty.

? High season calendar in Bosque das Águas

During the low season (adults and children), there is no tour on Mondays.

But for those looking to travel in high season, especially during school vacations, follow the information below on when is high season in Balneário Bosque das Águas in the city of Bonito/MS:

  • Mid-December to January: Christmas, New Year, and school vacations.
  • February/March: during Carnaval.
  • April: Easter week / Tiradentes.
  • July: school vacations.
  • October: Nossa Senhora da Aparecida week and Children's Day.
  • November: Republic Proclamation Week.

Where is it?

Balneário Bosque das Águas is on Highway Bonito / Guia Lopes C. Postal 16, Rural Area of Bonito/MS, 7 km from the city center.

It is possible to get to this tourist attraction by car or motorcycle (about 14 minutes from downtown, taking the MS 178 and MS 382 roads), by bicycle, or on foot.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!


Insect repellent



Light clothing.






Pay attention to these recommendations

Free duration.

Free from 8am to 5pm.

Closed Mondays in low season.

Approximately 15 minutes commute.

Free for all ages.



See the structure that the tour offers



Toilet adapted for wheelchair users.

Smoking area.



Locker rooms.

Rest area.



Included Items

These items are included

Reserve kiosk with barbecue grill.

Rental of diving and life-saving equipment.


Children under 5 do not pay, but parents should be aware: children must wear a vest and stay close by so that no accidents occur.

Otherwise, the Balneário Bosque das Águas is one of the fantastic rides in the city of Bonito/MS to take the whole family on.

Don't forget the sunscreen, the bathing suit, and to disconnect from your problems in front of the exuberant nature of Bonito. The place allows diving, floating, and the practice of sports such as buoy cross.

High Season

Adults: R$80
Children: R$55

Low Season

Adults: R$65
Children: R$45

What they are saying about

Bosque das Águas


What a SENSATIONAL place! Beautiful is too little to describe. Crystal clear waters, the fish swimming with you, the monkeys in the trees above you, macaws flying, it sounds like a dream but it is the description of this place there! The only thing I didn't like is that the bathroom is too far away, but everything else is amazing!

Nicoli Ramos


Wonderful place, super nice, we were very well attended by Fernando who works there. It is possible to camp and accepts motorhomes. It has a good structure and clean bathrooms.

Renata Castro


Wonderful place, super nice, we were very well attended by Fernando who works there. It is possible to camp and accepts motorhomes. It has a good structure and clean bathrooms.

Renata Castro


Very nice place, close to town, good road, clean, organized, polite staff (lifeguards), lots of space with 9 decks to enjoy the river with easy access, not shallow, but has places suitable for children! I really liked the place, I will definitely come back!

Julian Macedo

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