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Estância Mimosa

Tour Details

Estância Mimosa is one of the most amazing trails in Brazil. It is an ecotourism trail with 80% of the area occupied by natural forests, and 66% transformed into a Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN).

The Estancia begins 1,800 meters from the old farmhouse of Mato Grosso do Sul - where the reception is located - and goes all the way to the beginning of the 2,800-meter trail (round trip).

A section of the Estância Mimosa trail and waterfall tour is done by a solar-powered boat for 500 meters.

The route goes through the riparian forest of the Mimoso River, surrounded by stream beds, small caves, and 10 waterfalls, 9 of which are available for bathing in a natural pool of crystal clear water.

Visitors also have access to a 6-meter-high jumping platform, suspended walkways, and lookouts overlooking Serra da Bodoquena, whose hills form the valley through which the Mimoso River flows.

By the way, Mimoso is between two farms: the Estância Mimosa and the Parque das Cachoeiras. Both are perfect for your trip, but Mimosa is more attractive.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? How does Estância Mimosa Ecotourism, the trail and waterfalls in Bonito happen?

Once visitors arrive at the tour receptive, they must hand in their voucher at the reception desk.

Observe the guidelines and be aware of the group divisions, as the maximum is 12 people.

With the group assembled, the tour guide checks that everyone has met the safety requirements such as wearing appropriate footwear, and gives extra information about the Estância Mimosa trek and waterfalls (including the mandatory life jacket for children).

From this point on, each group uses whatever transport it finds convenient to get from the reception to the beginning of the Bonito trail, where they should meet up with other groups.

Together, they begin the 2,800-meter hike with the guide, on a trail with a platform and handrails along much of the way.

The route also has climbs, descents, and stairs, and part of it must also be done by rowboat.

To no one gets tired during the Estância Mimosa tour, people can make stops for bathing in the beautiful waters of the waterfalls. It is one of the best moments of the trip in Brazil to enjoy the nature of Bonito.

When returning from the attraction, the visitors decide to go straight to the reception and have lunch - in case they haven't had lunch before the tour.

? Horseback Riding in the Mimosa, Bird Watching, and Walking

Those who think that the only experience at Estância Mimosa is to bathe in waterfalls, hike along trails, and take pictures of nature's breathtaking scenery, need to go further.

Combine the Trail and Waterfalls tour in Bonito with the experience of a horseback ride for R$ 100.

Besides the training, the visitors ride for two hours through the native cerrado and several other areas rich in fauna and flora, also having the opportunity to guarantee a panoramic view of the Serra Bodoquena.

Afterward, the visitor can extend the tour and participate in Birdwatching. There are more than 250 species recorded within the Cerrado Biome, an incredible environmental diversity for those who love to see animals lose in nature.

The tour is guided and takes place in the forest of the river we already know, the Mimoso, inside the RPPN (Private Natural Heritage Reserve). The observation areas extend beyond the forest and travelers can observe the animals from the farmhouse with its beautiful lagoon.

The Bird Walk is an ideal option for beginners since the itinerary is shorter. Wildlife observation can be done in the surroundings of the receptive.

Be sure to take pictures of the Blue-throated Jacutinga, the Tiriba Fogo, and the Pipira Vermelha, some of the species recorded at Bonito.

? How to book/buy tours to enjoy the natural pools of Estância Mimosa?

There are many online travel agencies for tourists to book tour packages. And, since the Bonito tour in Mato Grosso do Sul is usually hotly contested, it is always best to book your package online, as places are often limited and can sell out at any time.

So that you don't take any chances and don't have any trouble putting together your ideal package, don't forget that we, at Roteiro Bonito MS, can help!

Tours to go with Estância Mimosa

Mimoso Grotto (Gruta do Mimoso)

Partially submerged cave in Bonito, with unique rock formations and a diving lake of over 70 meters. An activity that deserves to be highlighted.

Balneário Nascente Azul

Ecotouristic water park, with an underwater museum, flotation, and lots of greenery to enjoy in Bonito. One of the best options for a trip to Bonito with kids.

Ceita Corê

Charming Bonito ranch that houses the Chapena River waterfalls, wild animals, centennial trees, suspension bridges, and zip lines. An attraction no one can fault.

St. Matthew's Grotto (Gruta São Mateus)

One of three caves in the Bonito Cave Complex, it is 29.5 km from Estância Mimosa and 10.5 km from the Natural Aquarium. Activity for the adventurous.

Buraco das Araras em Bonito

Here you can see one of the largest dolines in the world, 100m deep and 500m in circumference, and many incredible animals.

? Where to eat in Estância Mimosa ?

If you intend to combine the Estância Mimosa tour with horseback riding, you can enjoy lunch cooked on a wood-burning stove at the Sul-Matogrossense farm.

The dishes are regional and the food is the best, highlighting the local delicacy: the Mimosa Milk Candy.

But eating well is a common thing in Bonito, and since the tour lasts 4 hours, all travelers are entitled to taste the local delicacies.

The entire menu is organic, cooked on a wood-burning stove, and served in a buffet system with a huge variety of salads.

To close with a golden key, you can taste local products, such as fruit jams and the famous dulce de leche of the region, served with cheese from the farm. A delight that only Bonito can provide to the people who visit the Estância Mimosa trail.

? Calendar of the largest number of visits to the Trail and Waterfalls

  • January, July and December - School Holidays;
  • February/March - Carnival Week;
  • April - Easter Week / Tiradentes;
  • October ? Week of Our Lady of Aparecida and Children's Day;
  • November ? Souls' Day / Republic Proclamation Week.

Note: always check the exact dates of those holidays that have no fixed dates, such as Carnival, and also the beginning of school vacations.

?? Important restrictions for hiking or enjoying the Estância Mimosa waterfalls

There are many stairs, climbs, descents, and strong emotions on the Estância Mimosa Trail and Waterfalls in Bonito, so some rules must be respected for everyone's safety.

Therefore, people are prohibited from entering the following situations:

  • People with heart or respiratory problems, or with any disease that limits mobility;
  • Pregnant women older than 24 weeks or at risk of pregnancy;
  • Visitors with a history of stroke, heart attack, epilepsy, anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis), who have had invasive surgery in the last 30 days, and those with pacemakers.

?? Important Rules

Estância Mimosa is a Bonito/MS preserved environmental area, but to stay that way people need to respect the rules of the site, such as:

  • No smoking;
  • Do not eat or drink alcoholic beverages while hiking or on the riverbank;
  • Avoid using a drone;
  • Do not use photographic material without prior authorization.

Other restrictions have to do with the safety of the traveler during the Bonito tours. It is forbidden to wear flip-flops or open shoes, for example.

The guide advises everyone to wear closed shoes or sneakers, as mandatory items. This makes walking easier and avoids accidents during the trip. However, if you don't have closed shoes, you can rent neoprene boots on site.

Where is it?

The Estância Mimosa hiking trails and waterfalls are located at Rodovia MS 178, S/N - Zona Rural de Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul.

The trip can be made by car, with a 33-minute drive from downtown Bonito/MS, totaling 25 km.

Part of the route is paved, but at least 6 km are in unpaved areas. There are signs to guide tourists to the farm's headquarters.

The trip can also be done with a transfer from some tourist agency from Bonito/MS, since the city does not have public transportation to Estância Mimosa.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.



What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!


Insect repellent



Light clothing






Pay attention to these recommendations

Approximately 26 km away from the center of Bonito

The age range allowed is from 4 years on



See the structure that the tour offers



Toilets for wheelchair users



Souvenir Shop


Baggage Locker

Rest Area





Included Items

These items are included

Accompaniment by guide


Life vest

First Aid Materials

Accident insurance


High Season

Adults: R$260
Children: R$208

Low Season

Adults: R$205
Children: R$164

Mimosa Ride: R$ 100,00
Birdwatching: R$ 100.00

What they are saying about

Estância Mimosa


We loved EVERYTHING. Too bad we didn't have the option to rate it higher than 10. We rated it FIVE STAR with great pleasure! And we will definitely recommend it to our friends, because we were very WELL received at the reception. The guide who accompanied us is called Joilson, a super polite, patient, kind and knowledgeable man. He guided us all the time without interfering in our fun. We were fortunate to ride two fantastic animals. I rode Barão and my wife rode Alvorada. Two docile and tame animals, which made our ride very peaceful. At the end we had the pleasure of contemplating the sunset over the Serra de Bodoquena and, by the way, the photos were beautiful, thanks to the beautiful work done by photographer Gabi, a Estância Mimosa employee who accompanied us. A ride on a beautiful trail with landscapes that we will never forget ... and we are already missing it terribly!

Marino Silva


This place is a true spectacle of nature, everything is so beautiful! It's worth visiting! I fell in love with the waterfalls, the guide was incredible, super cute, attentive and kind to my parents who don't know how to swim! Everything was perfect!

Thais Silva


Wonderful place since arrival! Incredibly friendly and respectful staff, Eluza went there to call the alligators so me and my two friends could watch, haha. The lunch was a great meal, too delicious! About the trail, very fun, in the middle of an environmental preservation area and with beautiful waterfalls, the guide, Luiz Fernando, also performed his function with honors. I would definitely come back to this place to repeat the experience

Leo Barbosa

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