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Serra da Bodoquena

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A visit to Serra da Bodoquena is one of the tours that cannot be left out of the itinerary of those who go to the city of Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul. The place is a true natural paradise, full of trails and waterfalls, besides a dense area of Atlantic Forest.

The mountain range is located within the Serra da Bodoquena National Park, where the Atlantic Forest overlaps with the Pantanal.

And the best of all is that the space seeks to unite the best that nature has to offer with an incredible structure.

Preservation is a key feature of the site, but there is also what is necessary for visitors to enjoy, relax, and explore with safety and tranquility.

So there are parking lots, restaurants, bars, rest areas, bathrooms for wheelchair users, and more.

An important point to consider, however, is that despite what one might imagine, the Serra de Bodoquena does not belong to the town of Bonito.

Actually, it is an area in the territory of the city of Bodoquena-MS, but due to its proximity, it is part of the tourist route of the region.

Those who visit the Serra de Bodoquena can enjoy unique adventures, such as:

  • Trails;
  • Waterfalls;
  • Balneários;
  • Natural pools;
  • Leisure and rest areas.

?? Attention, tourist!

Due to the conservation of Bonito's many natural wonders, there are a limited number of places to access the city's tours.

Knowing this, do not waste time: it is essential to prepare the itinerary of your trip as soon as possible.

? Trails & Waterfalls Serra da Bodoquena

It all begins exactly with a light trail of about 2500 meters, where the interaction with nature is breathtaking.

This initial tour through the forest has about 8 stops, which are precisely the waterfalls and natural pools present in the place. In addition, the route also includes a boat ride on the Betione River, which is another important attraction.

For the safety of the visitors, a tour guide is in charge of all the adventures.

Bathing in different locations and observing the park's fauna and flora are engaging attractions of this trail.

Although it is 2.5 km long, the trail is really quite light, since it does not have any difficult elevations.

What's more, the road is very well maintained, making it easy to get around.

Another differential, of course, are the stops along the way, which are important pauses to enjoy the ride and take a deep breath to continue on to another stretch.

And as a reward for having walked the whole way, you finally arrive at the resort, which holds even more adventures.

? Balneário Serra da Bodoquena

The rest of the tour takes place at the Serra da Bodoquena resort, which has a great leisure and rest structure.

There is also a huge green area there, surrounded by the riparian forest of the Betione River. For this reason, you can enjoy the zip line on the river, stand up paddle, and kayak rides, which are attractions in themselves.

Lunch is served here, with typical regional food, cooked on a wood-burning stove. Then, after enjoying the initial trail and a bit of the resort, it is possible to recharge your batteries with a full meal.

And the best of all are the resting areas, with hammocks and loungers.

Afterwards, you can enjoy the rest of the day at the resort, exploring the other activities, such as swimming pools, or the sand volleyball court.

There are also other options of trails and kiosks with various types of drinks to enjoy in moderation.

And that is why the Serra da Bodoquena tour is so popular with visitors to Bonito. After all, it manages to unite a stunning natural environment with many other options for leisure, fun, and rest.

? Serra da Bodoquena National Park

As mentioned, the entire tour takes place in the Serra da Bodoquena National Park reserve. It was created in the year 2000, and has been in operation for over 20 years.

The administration of the park is the responsibility of ICMBio, the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation.

In all, there are almost 77 thousand hectares of preserved area, where there is the Pantanal Complex, present in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Its creation has the objective of preserving the entire local ecosystem, providing, for example, for scientific research.

In addition, of course, the area is very important for environmental education activities, ecotourism, and also other outdoor recreation.

Many species of animals manage to find a perfect natural refuge in the park, and it is a very important preservation space.

Some of the main species preserved are the jaguar, the spider monkey, and the puma, all of which are threatened with extinction.

It covers the municipalities of Bonito, Jardim, Porto Murtinho, and Bodoquena, which is where the mountain range is closest.

? Local fauna

Serra da Bodoquena itself, as well as the entire park, has a very rich fauna and flora. To give you an idea, there are about 50 species of fish that inhabit the rivers and lagoons in the region.

Mammals are also abundant there, with 195 species. Birds, on the other hand, represent the majority of the individuals, with 340 different types, such as the royal hawk and the scarlet macaw.

And the most interesting of all is precisely the interaction that exists between the animals, which are also an attraction in themselves.

The symbiosis that exists between capybara and birds is a beautiful example of this, since the birds rid them of insects, such as fleas, that stay on their bodies.

? Local flora

The flora is also one of the key points of the tour, since it is a very well preserved forest area.

In the overall context, the park has a wide variety of tree species, typical of the Cerrado. In addition, the riparian forests complete the ecosystem, along with the Pantanal.

Further up the hills, for example, the trees lose their leaves during the dry season. On the other hand, closer to the edge of lakes and rivers, the forest is always green, due to the abundance of water.

The trails usually follow precisely these beds and streams, where the waterfalls are. For this reason, both in the low and high seasons of the year, the environment is favorable in the visiting areas.

Water quality

Bathing in the waterfalls, rivers, and natural pools of the Serra de Bodoquena are fundamental points of the tour. And the best of all is that the water quality in the region is very pleasant.

Generally speaking, rivers draw attention for their crystal-clear water. This happens because they accumulate little clay in their path, besides being born in limestone rocks.

This characteristic causes impurities to be filtered out and deposited farther to the bottom, leaving a transparent look, ideal for diving.

As a matter of fact, the Rio Perdido and the Salobra River are the main water courses of the Bodoquena Park. 

Rides to go with the Serra da Bodoquena

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Where is it?

Although this is a common tour for those visiting Bonito-MS, Serra da Bodoquena is actually in the neighboring town of Bodoquena, which gives the mountain range its name.

Even so, the distance between Bonito and the waterfalls and trails of the Serra de Bodoquena is only 72 km, which is why the visit is so common.

The vast majority of this route is made via the MS-178 highway, which connects most of the two cities. On the other hand, the distance between the mountain range and the town of Bodoquena itself is only 11.4 km.

Because it is an important state highway, there is paving along the entire MS-178, making it easy to get around. In the final kilometers, however, when reaching the mountains, there is no paved road, but it is still easily accessible.

For more information about tickets and reservations, contact us by email or WhatsApp and speak to one of Roteiro Bonito MS's experts.


What to bring?

See our recommendation of what to bring!

Photo Camera

Light clothing

Cash (extra consumption)




Closed shoes (suitable for hiking)


Cap or Hat




Pay attention to these recommendations

The Serra da Bodoquena tour is a full-day tour;

This is a restricted tour for children under 3 years of age;

It is mandatory to use closed shoes, which are appropriate for hiking.

The use of slippers is allowed for moments of rest, such as in the hammocks and in the shower.

No drinking or food is allowed on the premises (environmental preservation action)



See the structure that the tour offers

Rest Area









Smoking area




Adapted bathrooms for wheelchair users


Included Items

These items are included

Guide to specific monitors


High Season

Adults: R$242
Children (up to 11 years): R$205

Low Season

Adults: R$190
Children (up to 11 years old): R$168

What they are saying about

Serra da Bodoquena


The park is between Bonito and Bodoquena, it doesn't stand out so much for its transparent waters, but for its beautiful waterfalls, rivers, nature and native vegetation, including the highest waterfall in MS, the Boca da Onça, with 156 meters high. In my opinion, the Boca da Onça trail is the main hike in Serra da Bodoquena and one of the best in the Bonito region!



It is always a great experience. Great spots for swimming, sightings of wild animals and regional flora. Certainly this attraction is worthwhile for those who want to get to know ecotourism in protected areas.

Rodolfo Portela

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